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Wave at 'Bush people' with your left hand!
06 mai 2005
Mano izquirda!: We all know that it's extremely impolite to offer the left hand for a hand shake or to wave a greeting as this implies rubbing the "unhygienic residue" of the left hand on the person being waved to. So, when one sees unpleasant people...
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In "1,000 and One Arabian Nights" enemies are referred to as: ''They of the Left Hand.''

by Henk Ruyssenaars

Amsterdam - May 6th - 2005 - More than 3,000 dutch armed police and military are needed to stop citizen's arrests or save the live of the globally despised US President George W. Bush. Bush and his malignant minions like Condoleezza Rice* are to visit the Netherlands this week-end, attending the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II, on Sunday at the Dutch site of the American military cemetery Margraten in the province of Limburg, where over 8,000 US soldiers killed during the Allied assault on Nazi Germany are buried.

During the ceremony, the despicable american 'High Tech Pol Pot' will be flanked by the very rich but equally very ignorant dutch SHELL Queen Beatrix, and the likewise low brow right wing US neocon prime minister Balkenende who is guilty of accepting Bush as a 'Guest of Honor': a term which can not be used for any of these war criminals. That's at least what normal people think. With overhead the questions lingering; who were the war criminals which profited from the carnage of the Second World War, and what about the belligerent United States, Israel, England, the Netherlands etc. concerning Afghanistan, Iraq and the genocidal 'Slaughterhaus 5' going on everywhere? Celebrating the dead while making hundreds of thousands new ones? The big demonstrations which have been arranged, officially and unofficially, will be reported very little by the compliant media, but still: a left hand is brought along always and is waved easily...

St. Gerlach, the old monastery hotel where Bush will stay is encircled and defended by thousands of uniformed and armed people, with the US delegation surrounded by an extra three kilometers of barbed and/or razor bladed wire. The whole of southern Holland is turned into one big high security zone, with martial law in some areas, reminding people of the occupation by the Nazis, with armed helicopters and - instead of Nazi 'Stuka' planes - US F-16 fighter bombers in the sky over one's head. They know they're not liked, that their victims want at their throats: the fear of the Führers* is a nasty smell which has infected the globe.

All the roads leading up to the hotel where Bush will stay were of course painted with anti Bush and anti war slogans, so the roads, walls, viaducts, some houses etc. had to be repainted and must be guarded for 48 hours at least to not let it happen again, because a small army of 'little Rembrandts' and van Gogh's still is covertly very active with brushes and paint.

The thousand fold dutch armed racket must be paid by the poor taxpayers and the collaborating guards are ordered to do their utmost to ensure Bush's safety. Why is not quite clear, since this 'high tech Pol Pot' orders murder on a gigantic scale wherever his christian mind - or what's left of it - leads him.

Their mainstream media make massacres possible

An array of big demonstrations has been planned by many intelligent individuals and groups, but which the mainstream papers and TV as usual will report very little about, if anything at all. They always falsify the figures and are as guilty as any war monger in the 'Coalition of the Killing'. [Florence fake - Url.: http://tinyurl.con/2p4el]

Like during Bush's visit to Germany last February, the main part of the Dutch/German/Belgian area's air space will be closed during that period for all traffic besides planned commercial flights, and several highways around Margraten and the nearby city of Maastricht will be closed off. To put it mildly: many people are rather angry at this incredible imperial behavior of a known and by International Tribunals convicted war criminal. Ships on the river Maas are checked and/or stopped. The economic loss is quite big for the dutch taxpayers, but is of course nothing compared to the $-billions the american taxpayers are forced to pay to the mob of private bank crooks which 'run' Greenspan's green ink and paper department, called the Fed.

The borders of the Netherlands have been 'closed' for weeks already with intense control. Everything confirms the fear that those people in power and their fellow travelers at present clearly feel: knowing they'll have to pay a price for their greed and betrayal, for juggling with peoples opinion through their propaganda and lies, their influencing by slyness. They are hiding behind thick walls and hired killers, frantically inventing 'laws' to save themselves from the coming ordeal.

We of the Left Hand...

The gang in power will see more people waving with their left hand; indicating that the figures they wave at are on the same level as what the Arab and/or muslim world population has used the left hand for during ages. In most arab/muslim countries, the left hand is considered "unclean" and is not put forward. The left hand earned this interesting epithet in the harsh desert, a land of few trees and no paper.

It was the custom to eat, shake hands, wave a greeting, all with the right hand while the left hand was reserved for certain "hygienic functions" or blowing the nose. The left hand was cleaned by rubbing in the sand. For some desert nomads, this is still the way of things. Traditionally at meals the left hand is kept hidden in the folds of the robe. That's why chopping off of the right hand - like for instance the Saudi family friends of the Bushes do sometimes on Friday afternoon - is such a harsh punishment.

We all know that it is extremely impolite to offer the left hand for a hand shake or to wave a greeting as this implies rubbing the "unhygienic residue" of the left hand on the person being waved to. So when one sees unpleasant people - like many of those neocons - just wave with the left hand, indicating clearly that you think that he/she is a piece of shame for humanity.

More people can wave with their left hand too: a majority of Americans now know their government can and does engage in the most monstrous lies possible, and that hundred of thousands of people have been killed, crippled, and tortured for that lie.*

No umbrellas: rain or no rain...

Spectators will have to undergo strict security checks. They must be at the Margraten cemetery several hours in advance and have been told not to bring video cameras, flags, lighters or umbrellas. In case of rain, highly likely in the Netherlands, the municipality of Margraten will distribute free ponchos. The fear that somebody may take a potshot at the presidential group was very obvious during Bush's visit to Germany where residents had been told that if they wanted to wave, that they step on to their balconies 'at their own peril'- for fear that the president's security "might misunderstand the gesture and act accordingly'' = shoot.

The Dutch right wing neocon government lends every form of support to the US led invasion of Iraq, making an American/Israeli military base out of Holland, contrary to the peoples wishes. The collaborating managers of Holland send the children of other people to kill and destroy in Afghanistan and Iraq*, contributing 1400 troops in the illegal war in Iraq* and sending all and every form of war material to the inhuman 'war theater'. Holland is an american/israeli 'Lapdog of War' - http://tinyurl.con/3tlx2


Anti Bush demonstrators have organized rallies in many cities like Maastricht and Amsterdam on Saturday to protest the US presence in Iraq and the US war on terrorism and Washington's stance on environmental issues. “The Bush regime and it's likewise lawless allies is responsible for war crimes against humanity, like the torture in the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq and the human rights violations committed in Guantanamo'', organizers said. A group of students and other thinking people is also planning a noisy protest when the beblooded president arrives at Maastricht-Aken airport mid Saturday; they'll be making noise because one can't get close enough to speak or accuse Bush et al of their misdeeds.

If Bush survives the disgust in Holland, he will also visit one of his adversaries, president Putin, and - after Rice's arrogant visit - again slap the face of the Russian president by also visiting the new US vassal states Latvia and Georgia on his May 7-10 European tour. Certainly Condoleezza Rice - as a so called 'Russia specialist' - should know better than most people that former KGB general president Putin will never ever forgive the US neocons this - even on his own TV shown - loss of face in the present geopolitical power game. And it is known that he very much resents being called 'Vladimir' by neocon people he despises.

Globally people should react, in Russia as well as the left hand waving americans, described by "Great people are willing to stand up to a government gone wrong, to force their government to be truthful and honest and moral. Great people know that freedom is impossible under a government that lies because lies are tools of enslavement, and that chains built of false beliefs hold slaves tighter than chains made of steel.

Slaves will cower before a government they know lies to them, bless the face that lies to them, and ask for more. And now the world watches to see if Americans are a great people, or just slaves living under the delusion they are a free people.

Free men or slaves. Time to choose. The whole world is watching."

And while watching, they wave their left hand...

Henk Ruyssenaars


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Editor : Henk Ruyssenaars
The Netherlands

* The Dutch author this far has worked abroad 4 decades for international media as a fully independent foreign correspondent, of which 10 years - also during Gulf War I - in the Arab World and the Middle East. Seeing worldwide that every bullet and every bomb breeds more terrorism !

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