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Notícies :: ecologia
Kyiv authorities kills animals before Eurovision-2005!
28 abr 2005
Ukraine is preparing for Eurovision song contest. One of the first victims of the preparation are set to be stray animals. They are widely murdered in Kyiv that hosts Eurovision-2005.
Kyiv authorities are currently on the way of mass poisoning of stray animals. Poisoned lure are thrown about all over the city. Among those who suffered are not only stray dogs and cats but also pets, birds and other animals that appeared to be unlucky to live in the city. Some number of poisoned animals comes into the view of veterinarians, but treatment fails as veterinarians don't
know what kind of the poison they faced.

Kyiv authorities attempt to "clear" the Ukrainian capital from so called "unwanted elements" as before they had decided to impress foreigners that would come to the Eurovision 2005 song contest and to gain the most benefits from it. Kyiv mayor, Oleksandr Omelchenko, doesn't even recognize that the problem of stray animals still exists. Now he is trying to avoid any responsibility for mass murdering of stray animals in Kyiv. Ecologists and local media say about that poisoning but the authorities would have none of that.

Until now there are not any shelters for animals that would at least suit to the requirements of international norms in Kyiv - despite all that propaganda about Kyiv as European city. The only public "shelter for animals" that funded by the state (and funded not bad) looks like slaughter-house where not enough thoroughbred cats and dogs are treated in terrible conditions and killed. Ukrainian government hasn't still adopted any of international agreements about animalsâ protection.

During actions in front of buildings of Kyiv state administration and Ukraine president administration with the demand to stop mass destruction were run by activists of "Stop Killing Animals" together with other Kyiv ecological initiatives and just people who care are running during last month. No response was got. We plan to continue actions and boycott Eurovision-2005. And ask for help and support our actions against stray animals murdering in Kyiv.

To support our protest you can:
-     spread this information wider in order as many people as possible get to know about what is happening;
-     organize protest actions near Ukrainian embassies and consulates;
-     send petitions to Ukrainian authorities, including president of Ukraine and Kyiv mayor.
The public utility company that is responsible for spreading poison for stray animals is âShelter for animalsâ?.
Kuchinskiy Miron is the director,
his phone is +380-67-500-74-35.
The address is 07800, Borodjanka, Veteraniv Str., 2. tel.: +380- 44-77-55277

Administration of president of Ukraine
01220 Kyiv, Bankova Str., 11
(+38 044) 255-68-40
(+38 044) 255-63-36
(+38 044) 255-63-58

Kyiv State Administration
01044 Kyiv, Chreschatik Str., 36
(+38 044) 226-22-30
(+38 044) 221-24-50
(+38 044) 221-23-33
(+38 044) 229-89-28

-     boycott Ukrainian participant on the Eurovision - band " Greenjolly". These days they are on their European tour. They will visit:
Croatia: 26 April
Bosnia and Herzegovina: 27 April
Switzerland: 3 May
Portugal: 4 May
Latvia: 6 May
Lithuania: 7 May
Albania: 8 May
Greece: 9 May
Cyprus: 10 May
Also theyâll be in Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Andorra, Malta.


"Stop Killing Animals" initiative,
ska.activists ARROBA,
April, 2005

This work is in the public domain

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