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Intercultural Cine Shorts - film program, berlin, mai 2005 - searching for contributions
19 abr 2005
This article is for all interested alternative, low-budget filmmakers of various cultural, subcultural contexts.

We are searching for contributions for a filmprogram in berlin, mai 2005. filmprogram is intended in an explicitly crosscultural context. (and the term cultural not limited to an ethnic correlation).
Film Program
âIntercultural Cine Shortsâ

Carnival of Cultures
13th â 15th of may 2005/ Berlin, Blücherplatz

Within the framework of Berlinâs popular festival âCarnival of Culturesâ a film program of shortfilms from all over the world will be established for the first time.

The Carnival of Cultures is a reflection of Berlinâs cultural diversity. It brings together professional artists and amateurs, young and old and serves as an open platform for the trends and styles of Berlinâs ethnic and nonethnic subcultures and communities. The Carnival is a unique opportunity for exchange and presentation of their diverse cultural - traditional, modern and crosscultural - expressions. In 2004 1.8 million visitors participated in the Carnival of Culturesâ Parade and Street Festival.

The projection of the film program âintercultural cine shortsâ? will take place at Blücherplatz, one of Carnival of Culturesâ central places and by this be part of the Street Festival. There it gets an appropriate position within a broad artistic arena including aspects of performance, design, theatre and music. Similar to the program of the Carnival, the film program offers an opportunity for cinematic amateurs and semi-professionals from all the different cultures around the world for presentation and to get in dialogue through their works. Screening times will be the 13th, 14th and 15th of May 2005, 8.00 pm to 10.30 pm.

If you are interested to participate with your films at the 1st âIntercultural Cine Shortsâ, then please send us as soon as possible a selection of your work. The movies should not be longer than 12 minutes and function also (if possible) without dialogues. Accepted movie formats are S-VHS, DVD, CD or Mini-DV. In case you send your films via post to our contact adress below, please note, that it is not possible for us to send back the copies unless the return postage is paid in advance. Another more uncostly way of sending your films is via file-sharing-programs (e.g.: Peer-to-Peer-program âSoulseekâ?). If you intend to use this latter possibility, please get in contact with us by e-mail (Andresha ARROBA ), so that we can prepare for download.

We are looking forward to your contributions!!

Deadline is the 30th of April 2005 (date as per postmark)

André Schumacher
âIntercultural Cine Shortsâ
Karl-Marx-Str. 196
12055 Berlin
Andresha ARROBA

This work is in the public domain


Re: Intercultural Cine Shorts - film program, berlin, mai 2005 - searching for contributions
19 abr 2005
email adress is Andresha ARROBA