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Australian Beauty Facing Indonesian Firing Squad
14 abr 2005
Schapelle Corby: Schapelle Corby, a 27-year-old Australian, faces a maximum punishment of death by firing squad after 4.1 kg of cannabis were found inside her unlocked bodyboard bag at Bali airport last October. Schapelle is believed to have been an innocent victim in an Australian domestic drug smuggling racket between Sydney and Brisbane. The criminals however, did not remove the drugs in Brisbane according to the plan and Schapelle, unbeknown to her, arrived in Bali with drugs that had been planted in her bag along the way.
Schapelle Corby is due to have a verdict in mid-May. If found guilty in Indonesia of drug trafficking, she will most likely face the Indonesian firing squad a short time afterwards.

According to The Age "Corby's lawyers revealed an unidentified man had come forward and signed a statement naming three baggage handlers he says planted the drugs in Corby's unlocked boogie board bag.

Chief lawyer Lely Sri Rahaya Lubis said the three baggage handlers had since been jailed in Australia, while the man who made the statement was also in prison.


But Lely admitted it would be difficult to bring the man to Bali to testify, as he was a prisoner in Australia."

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