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Días de acción contra la cumbre de jefes de estado de la UE
11 abr 2005
Come to Luxembourg on June 16+17+18 2005 . Join the protest against the eu-presidency
RISE was created in Luxembourg in 2004 as a protest plattform against the european presidency of Luxembourg , which started in 01/2005. RISE assembles various anarchist, antiauthoritarian, socialist etc. groups on a common Base. This Base consists in a fundamental but progressive opposition to the EU, and capitalism in general. In june 2005, RISE will organise a multitude of public actions in Luxembourg to challenge the official Presidency. On this page you'll find all infos about planned actions, the agenda etc.

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On this page you can find information about the countersummit against luxembourg's EU-presidency 2005. Read our texts to get more Information on the background of our politics. Check the timeline & action-section for the detailled dates. Last but not least, you'll find practical Info and Maps, links to the worldwideweb, and our PGP Key if you want to mail us !

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Re: Días de acción contra la cumbre de jefes de estado de la UE
11 abr 2005
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