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Mobile manufactures brainwashing users
04 abr 2005
BREAKING NEWS -- MO:LIFE -- 01/04/05
*Mobile manufactures brainwashing users*

Reverse engineers from Canada noticed something odd when they
decoded the firmware inside mobile phones from the world's
leading manufactures.

Jim Dodd, from the Libre-Code group said their team discovered "anomalies"
in the design of the hardware and software that operated the phones. He
that further analysis "told me for certain that they [the mobile phone
were up to something fishy".

An industry executive, who doesn't want to be named, acknowledged that
subliminal advertising "cut in to conversations" is a common practice,
and "provides invaluable revenue streams for Telcos, and great
opportunities for A-list advertisers".

"It just made sense. It was another aspect to the business", said the
executive, who
now lives in Hungary. "A committee of advertisers approached us about the
idea and we implemented. It was simple".

When asked about the apparent lack of public transparency, the ex-pat
suggested "there's no value to it if people know it's there? Things go
on in the
world of marketing that you have absolutely no idea about. People don't
why should they? It's a win-win service."

Some of the largest corporations are involved in the practice.

"Just about everything has been suggested to phone users", claimed Rory
Duncan, an
investigator in to the allegations. "Messages have told people what to
what to eat, which airline to fly."

Duncan says the investigation team is looking in to the use of
subliminal advertising
during the US elections.

Lawyers are currently looking in to massive class actions.

So what should phone users do to stop the brainwashing? Jim Dodd recommends
not using the phones until their "total architecture is fully understood".

"But people will probably put up with being brainwashed for the
convenience of talking on the move", he says with a knowing grin.

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