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Video: No Lager - Nowhere - European Action Day
24 mar 2005
Right on time for the heated phase of mobilization for April 2nd, 2005, the second European action day, a new film was finished that focusses on international resistance against refugee camps and deportation prisons. âNo Lager â Nowhereâ? is a European Co-production, German/English, 39 minutes, Berlin 2005. A preview of the film you find here:

âFreedom of movement â Right to stayâ? is the title of the second European Action Day as agreed upon during the last European Social Forum in London in September 2004. For the first action day on January 31st, 2004 already many parallel protest actions and demonstrations against the respective local camps and prisons took place in almost 50 European cities. For April 2nd 2005 a focus on protests against camps is expected.

From the film description:
âCamps for refugees and migrants - everywhere in Europe you can find these places, that cannot be found on any usual map. Camps aim on exclusion and deterrement, and serve as a filter for the labourmarkets. Camps create a hierachy of rights and represent a cornerstone of global apartheid. It is time to draw new maps, maps of resistance:
to tear down the visible and invisible fences and walls, in each case to attack all lagers and detentions by any means necessary. The film documents various experiences and actions from eight countries: an accusation of testimonies on one hand, but mainly a patchwork of resistance, which should encourage and inspire to intensify and to transnationalise the struggles against the lagerregimes.â?

The institutionalizing as well as the internationalizing of the camp regime seems to advance instopably, the camps located in the new eastern memberstates of the EU and even in Lybia show openly the character of current European migration politics. With this background it seems even more important to internationalize counter-publicity as well as protests and resistance against âthe universe of camps and deportation prisonsâ?. The film is thought to be a contribution to show the European dimension of camps as part of a global migration regime, secondly it is supposed to support exchange and mutual inspiration of initiatives and networks, practizing resistance on different levels. Further information: and

"No Lager - Nowhere". 39 Min., Berlin 2005, VHS or DVD, english or german Version
order: KMII/AG3F - Hanau, Metzgerstr. 8, 63450 Hanau, Email: frassainfo ARROBA
Sent a donation, 5 to 10 Euro, to the following bank account:
Hagen Kopp, Stichwort "nolager", Postbank Frankfurt, Kontonr: 469921607, BLZ: 50010060

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Re: Video: No Lager - Nowhere - European Action Day
24 mar 2005
Algun fenomeno va escriure "Una sèrie de gent de diverses comarques estem ideant durant aquestes darreres setmanes una trobada eminentment pràctica orientada a compartir experiències, coneixements i cercar vincles d'amistat i col·laboració.
Re: Video: No Lager - Nowhere - European Action Day
25 mar 2005
Aquest video esta molt be, si podeu feuli una ullada...