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Fotos de Irak: 12 - 20 Marzo, 2005
21 mar 2005
Una grupo de fotos de Irak de este semana. Lo siento de no sabo bastantes Castellano a traducen totalmente.
American soldiers blow up and shoot unarmed Iraqis in Mosul; Iraqis demand the release of prisoners held by the occupation in Basra; oil sabotaged, a few sidenotes of occupation, and two years on, Iraqis find the Freedom shabby and reeking of feces.

Photos From Iraq: March 12 - 20, 2005

An oil installation near Samarra was sabotaged on the 12th. Una installacion de oil era sabotaged en Samarra el 12.

On the 13th, someone shot at a US helicopter in Mosul; it responded by firing randomly at the ground and wounding a bystander. En el 13, un helicopter de America tiro un Iraki civil en Mosul.

There is a television station which was founded (and is funded) by the US occupation called al-Iraqiya. One of it's weekly shows is called “Terrorists in the Grip of Justice?. On this show, supposed resistance fighters with black eyes and bruises confess to crimes such as being a homosexual, having a prostitute for a mother, and of course, fighting the occupation. The man in this image is named Qahtan Adnan – or was: his family says it has received his dead body. (Un estacion de television en Irak demostraciones capturaron combatientes de la resistencia se han tortado quienes y hace que confiesan a luchar y a ser homosexual. Este hombre se matar despues de el aperecer)

In its re-enactment of Orwell’s 1984, the new Iraq even has its own Goldstein – the elusive Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. There are government posters of him everywhere featuring explosions and severed limbs and the $15 million reward for his capture. This is a handout picture said to be him 'recently'.

Apparently unsatisfied with the action on the 13th, another US helicopter sprayed the city of Mosul with gunfire and rockets on the 15th – this time, killing two Iraqis and wounding five others. Again, the US claimed the heavily armored helicopter was under fire…but the dead were civilians. (Above, Iraqis carry one of the dead at a funeral) (Un helicóptero American se matado dos Irakis y herido cinco mas en Mosul 15 Marzo.)

A man at the funeral in Mosul holds a piece of a rocket fired by the helicopter. Un cohete de pedazo de American helicóptero que matado dos civil Irakis en Mosul, el quince de Marzo 2005.

Kids throw stones at a truck that was destroyed by a roadside bomb, near Baiji, on the 15th.

In the same area, on the same day, yet another oil installation was destroyed. La zona verde.

Smoke rises from the ‘green zone’, headquarters of the occupation government, on March 16. Shia and Kurdish politicians who swept the election have failed so far to pick a new government, keeping US agent Iyad Allawi in power by default.

AFP reported that at least 500 people marched in Basra on the 16th to demand the release of all prisoners held by the occupation there. Una manifestacion en Basra los presos exigidos del lanzamiento sostuvieron por la ocupación en el 16.

On the 20th in Basra, mercenaries in unmarked vehicles decided to pop off a few shots, causing this traffic accident....

...In Baghdad that day, a bomb hit a humvee on the airport road....

...Najam Abd Ali, a farmer, was reportedly wounded when mortars meant for an Iraqi military base hit his house instead, near Mahmudiyah. Another person was killed; a third was also wounded....

...Elsewhere in Baghdad, Khalid Suheil bathed outside his tent, where he now lives with 8 family members. After the US invasion two years ago, his family, like many others, were evicted from their home when they could not pay rent. Despues de la invasión, Khalid Suheil se desahució; ahora, se vive en la chabola.

After two years of occupation (and about $5 billion in 'reconstruction' funds spent on god knows what), many of Iraq’s largest cities (such as most parts of Baghdad, as above) have no functioning sewage, or sometimes even water, systems. Electricity is on several hours a day at best, gas lines reach miles long, and the only work available is to act as armed thug for the occupation. (La mayoria de Irakis no tienen sistemas de alcantarilla o agua corriente)

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