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Another kind of 鈥渃reationism鈥?
17 mar 2005
Why should the scientific community be concerned about the â渢hreatâ? of creationism? In actuality, we don't need to answer; we all know and respect their reasons. What I donâ檛 understand is the prevalent myopia about another kind of â渃reationismâ? that is taking place in the world today and that is based on science and may be more disturbing than the religious one.

Apparently, such a fear springs from an argument that maintains that the universe and all things were produced, and continue to exist only through the decision, plan and action of a supernatural agent (God). And that kind of knowledge, our scientists say, is a â渢hreatâ? to science education and should have no place in the scientific community. Fine. What about that knowledge that tells us that â渄emocracy is the best form of governmentâ? and that only through the decision, plan and action of a superpower o super agent (U.S.) imposing such â渋ntelligent designâ? in the world it would be a better place to live?

You would argue that religion and politics are quite different matters, and I agree. But if you think that I am making an irresponsible connection between the two concepts, I donâ檛. We all know that our educational systems have institutionalized politics as â減olitical sciencesâ? and economics as â渆conomic sciences.â? And in these social sciences, as in all natural sciences, analogies are valuable tools of knowledge. All I am doing here is offering an argument that involves an analogy between â渞eligious creationismâ? and â減olitical creationism.â?

I am not saying that â渄emocracyâ? is something â渂adâ? or that this political system lacks causes for pride. The issue is that we, as a superpower, are institutionalizing this â渂est formâ? of government in the world as the product of a â渟cientific designâ? through electoral politics, social engineering, war and market equilibrium, and not as the human action of authentic and immediate actors. If not, why have we made an issue with other societies that historically have undertaken â渄ifferent formsâ? of government (Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Iraq, etc,)? Is it not because these â渄ifferent formsâ? of government are not â渋ntelligent designsâ??

What would be your point of allegation, then, if you were to argue about some possible difference between the Godâ檚 â渋ntelligent designâ? and the superpowerâ檚 â渋ntelligent designâ?? My feeling is that the causes of the prevalent myopia about the â渟cientific creationismâ? would be found in what the social theorist F. A. Hayek called â渟cientistic prejudice.â?

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