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y a esto le llaman llevar la democracia a iraq ?
07 mar 2005
y con el silencio complice de los paises occidentales , quando no ,coperando con ellos .
El estado español se involuncra de nuevo en Iraq

Peo tampoco devemos olvidar que nunca se fueron del todo .


BAGHDAD, IRAQ - FEBRUARY 24: U.S. Army Sergeant 1st Class Troy Hawkins from Woodland Park, Colorado (C) of the 1st Cavalry, Task Force 1-9, and an Iraqi soldier look at the body of a person they found while on patrol on February 24, 2005 in the Haifa Street neighbourhood of Baghdad, Iraq. The U.S. The person was killed with a shot to the head while wearing flex cuffs. It was unclear the circumstances of the death. Army continues to train and work beside the Iraqi military as they prepare to turn the area over to them.

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