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Notícies :: guerra
19/3: Euro manif in Brussels, all welcome
04 mar 2005
on Saturday, 19th of March, Brussels is the place-to-be for the social, peace, youth, antiglobalist, ... movement. for the first time since the EU decided to hold all its summits in Brussels, a European coordinated demonstration will take place.
this 'Euro manif' consists of three demonstrations (social movement, peace movement, youth movement) all coming together into one big demo for another Europe. for more info on this demonstration, please visit , the Belgian Social Forum website. will organise a media center. the center will be open during 3 days (18, 19, 20 March) for people who want to produce photo reports, interviews, video reports, ... . computers and (wired and wireless) internet connections are available, as well as indymedia press cards. we'll have (de)briefings at the center, and fresh hot coffee. you're all most welcome to join us for reporting on this european day of action.

the media centre will be located at the Indymedia office in Brussels:
Haachtsesteenweg 51, 1030 Sint-Joost-ten-Node/Brussels (close to the
Botanical Gardens). the easiest way to get there is to travel to Brussels North station, leave the station via the Aarschotstraat exit (rear entrance of the station), walk uphill until you get to the Haachtsesteenweg, turn right and walk until you get to number 51 :) if you should have trouble finding the place, call 0479/60 29 48 ( mobile).

if you have questions or want more info, don't hesitate to contact us through mail or irc (#belgium). if you need a place to sleep for the weekend, let us know and we'll fix you something.
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Re: 19/3: Euro manif in Brussels, all welcome
28 mar 2005
No demano gran cosa:

poder parlar sense estrafer la veu,
caminar sense crosses,
fer l'amor sense haver de demanar permisos,
escriure en un paper sense pautes.

O bé, si sembla massa:
escriure sense haver d'estrafer la veu,
caminar sense pautes,
parlar sense haver de demanar permisos,
fer l'amor sense crosses.

O bé, si sembla massa:
fer l'amor sense haver d'estrafer la veu,
escriure sense crosses,
caminar sense haver de demanar permisos,
poder parlar sense pautes.

O bé, si sembla massa...

Miquel Martí i Pol

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