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And did the mountain move?
03 mar 2005
much much less than 3% of the population of the city of peace, are experiencing post trauma akin to that suffered by victims of war.

They are the carmelites, whose area was the commercial hub of a not so trendy area of the city of peace, where the neighbouring Hebronites used to go and shop.
The responsibility for their disaster is not however the azores trio of Bush Blair and Aznar.
The reduction of their homes to rubble can be blamed on the problems of the planet.
Our planet is not geologically stable enough to ensure poorly planned and shoddily worked excavations are successfuly 97% of the time.

Those who gave the Carmelites, the Hebronites and the Babalonians war, and chose not to steer the Prestige to safe port when it began listing upon the high seas, now want to blame the geological faults of the planet on those who voted for the PSOE.

This is natural. They have very little faith.

They have also forgotten that this project is a five way one which entails the ministry of fomenting, TMB, the generalitat (where the generals of peace live) and the ajuntamiento where Clos the lifter of stones works and the planet.

The project thus, was begun under their administration.

Less political hay making, and more compassion for the victims of Carmel whose houses are now reduced to Falujah style rubble, and those Hebronites who have lost a good place to go and enjoy a café con leche is now what's needed.

When the tunnel began to collapse, there really was no option for grass roots action, no "pasalo" text messaging was going to bring thousands of activists to below the grass roots some thirty metres beneath the earth to stop the tunnel falling. We could and can cry "nunca mais!" for
a petrol tanker which illegally crossed the sea,
with cargo which was poisonous, which threatened to destroy for ever the beaches of more than one community of spain, and all due to the inability of the PP to cope with a crises.

But when Carmel moves-
it is a different matter.

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