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Cycorp: Corporatist COINTELPRO
17 des 2004
Mussolini (Father of Fascism, a philosophy that led to the death of millions): "Fascism should more properly be called corporatism, since it is the merger of state and corporate power"

Cycorp: Corporatist COINTELPRO

Mussolini (Father of Fascism, a philosophy that led to the death of millions):
"Fascism should more properly be called corporatism, since it is the
merger of state and corporate power"

Author: Stephen DeVoy

This article is about a specific case of COINTELPRO in the post-911 era: the COINTELPRO operation targeting me, the author.  This operation began at the end of 2001 and continues today.  I am not the only victim of the new COINTELPRO.  There are many others.  Some of these have mistakenly labeled their experiences as "Gang Stalking," which is not an entirely inaccurate description of the activity, but leaves out the most important dimension: the fact that it is sponsored by the U.S. Government and executed by a combination of private and public entities.  This privatization of COINTELPRO should be of no surprise.  The Bush Administration has sought to privatize much of its criminal activities, using private contractors to do illegal work for the military, outsourcing government jobs, dragging undesirable individuals off to foreign countries for torture and a long list of other crimes.  Privatizing its criminal operations is the modus operandi of the Bush Administration.  The Bush Administration is in an endless quest to avoid the Constitution through the exploitation of corporatism, a political structure best referred to as fascism.

My own experiences as a target of COINTELPRO began when I was the director of the programming department of the defense contractor, Cycorp.  In understanding my claims, it is important to understand what Cycorp does, with whom it works and with whom I've met as an employee of Cycorp.

Cycorp is a corporation that arose from a project initially created by intelligence agencies.  Douglas Lenat, president of Cycorp, was lured to Austin, Texas by a collection of intelligence agencies that wanted him to create an artificial intelligence that would embody common sense.  When the project failed to live up to expectations or, for whatever other reasons, the project was moved to a private corporation where Cyc was developed.  Cyc was to be known as the world's largest knowledge base of common sense.  Cycorp was later spun off from its corporate parent and became a corporation of its own.  It is largely funded by DARPA.

However, there is much going on at Cycorp that most employees are not aware of or are only tangentially aware of.  Cycorp does work for the CIA.  The CIA sends representatives to Cycorp who state explicitly that they are CIA.  I have met with them.  Douglas B. Lenat has met with them.  Former employee Dave Gunning (a canonical case of the government/private industry revolving door phenomenon), current employee of DARPA, met with the CIA on the behalf of Cycorp at their offices in Langley, Virginia.  I was at the meeting where he was debriefed at Cycorp.

Additionally, Cycorp does business with the NSA.  The NSA has a front organization whose employees claim to "work for some government agencies whose identity is unknown to them."  That organization works with Cycorp.

Some of the work done at Cycorp is highly esoteric.  For example, one project included a database of information about the Russian Mafia, including the disposition of bodies found murdered, location, place and murderer.  Cycorp was employed by the Information Awareness Office for various projects, including but not limited to the Total Information Awareness Office.  My activities against the TIA helped to move that project out of DARPACycorp suffered over a million dollars in losses as a result.

There are several dimensions to Cycorp.  There is the open dimension that one reads about in the press.  That dimension, I believe, is a cover for their other dimensions.  Another dimension is referred to by employees who know as "the dark side."  While I was working at Cycorp, I was asked "to come over to the dark side" in exactly those words.  Finally, there is the closely held upper management dimension which includes discussions about silencing people.  I am one of the people they decided to silence.

Near the end of 2001, the CIA and DIA approached Cycorp and offered Cycorp a contract to wage cyber warfare against Americans deemed to be enemies of the state.  I know this because I was in the meeting where it was discussed.  I protested the idea strongly and Douglas Lenat quickly took it off the table, claiming they would not take the contract.  This is the moment when the harassment against me began.

Before 9/11, I was already the author of an anarchist website.  That website was doing relatively well.  I was never secretive about being an anarchist.  My role was writing stories and articles and I saw no reason why I could not do these things and be the director of a programming department.  What I did not know was that Douglas Lenat had been a target of the Unibomber and carried within him a strong hated for anarchists.  Other managers exploited this, brought my anarchist beliefs to his attention and he scolded me in his office for being an anarchist, informing me of his relationship to the Unibomber and the FBI.

After that event, I was openly harassed by three other managers at Cycorp for being an anarchist.  My websites were targeted with harassment by anonymous parties.  My online forums were attacked.  All the while, various individuals at Cycorp whom I later learned were being paid to harass me online pretended to be friends.  One of them reported directly to me.

Since I have had a difficult time convincing the activist community that this is all real, I wish to add another piece of information.  In April of 2001, I met twice, for an entire day at a time, with John Poindexter.  I attended this meeting in my capacity as the leader of the programming department of Cycorp.  Accompanying me was Dave Gunning, a man who has moved back and forth between the military and the private sector, a man who, by first hand knowledge, I know has met with the CIA at CIA headquarters.  When I met with Mr. Poindexter (whose nick name is Schooner), I met with him in the information warfare office of his employer Syntek.  I bring this up to stress that there is nothing strange about CIA involvement in my case.  Additionally, this is not the first time I have had contact with the CIA.

A previous employer in San Diego was funded by the CIA and I worked on the specific project that the CIA funded.  I also began my career, right out of college, working for the Department of Defense.  I had a secret clearance and I worked on systems for submarines at the Naval Underwater Systems Center in Newport, RI.  In that capacity, I had already been investigated by the Defense Intelligence Agency.  They already had a file on me.

Just before I was fired from Cycorp for being an anarchist, the Defense Intelligence Agency sent two officers to Cycorp who asked me "If I liked my job."  They met with Douglas B. Lenat and Mary Shepherd.  They identified themselves as officers of the Defense Intelligence Agency and they were later confirmed by Lenat to be officers of the Defense Intelligence Agency.

There are some other odd things about Cycorp.  In March of 2001, three individuals claiming to be Israeli art students showed up at Cycorp selling artwork.  They were allowed into the building.  They set themselves up in the conference room and they sold their "art" there.  I find this astonishing given the nature of the work at Cycorp.

In December of 2001, the Department of Defense sent an email to Cycorp.  This email was forwarded to me by Mary Shepherd.  The email stated that these students were actually employees of an Israeli intelligence agency.  Moreover, one of them was an expert in signals intelligence (i.e. bugging).

From the above, I believe that I have created a sufficient context to begin discussing the next issue.  This sections answers the question, "How do I know Cycorp is involved in the harassment against me, my websites and my family?"

How do I know Cycorp is involved?

Cycorp's involvement is as plain as day.  It is obvious and easy to prove.

The harassment started when I posted arguments from an anarchist point of view on online forums run by MSNBC.  Quickly I became the target of harassment from two individuals.  One was using a Cycorp IP address.  The other was using an IP address from the Religious Studies Department of Harvard University.  This second individual would be identified, later, as Gustavo Espada, a member of KOBE (the harassment group) and the son of a State Department official.  I believe the Cycorp employee was Mary Shepherd, Douglas Lenat's wife.  Mary Shepherd has a history of stalking people, something she has publicly described at Cycorp.

MSNBC's online forums were taken down shortly after 9/11.  Various other forums offered to take up their users.  One of these was a forum called the Cheese Board hosted by Voyager Info Systems.  Voyager Info Systems is a shady company (IMHO) which uses a PO Box in Beverly Hills, California.  I began posting on "The Cheese Board."

Initially, the Cheese Board hid IP addresses.  Shortly after I posted, the owner of the Cheese Board reversed his policy and exposed IP addresses, including those of earlier messages.  This assisted the harassment program in identifying dissidents on the Cheese Board.  I was one of those dissidents.

An individual began stalking me on the Cheese Board.  He was using a NetTV IP address.  Simultaneously, Josiah Hagen, my report, brought to work a network appliance connected to the Internet via telephone.  Specifically, he was connected to NetTV.  When I asked him why he had it at work and who had authorized him to use it, he stated that Douglas Lenat, president of the corporation gave him permission to use it at work.  Given the nature of the work at this company, this was very strange.  Unfortunately, I let it go.

Josiah Hagen, only days before the NetTV based harassment began, asked me where I was posting online.  I told him where I was posting.  He asked for my online name.  I told him it.  I had no reason to believe that he would stalk me.  Therefore, we now have a person with the opportunity to stalk me using a NetTV based IP address in the same office as myself and a person with the knowledge of where I was to be found online and what my online name was.  As my report, we can infer that he had motivation as well.  After all, if I were eliminated, he might be able to take my position.

During this time, Douglas Lenat also asked me where I posted online.  I told him.  I was unconcerned about it because I was doing nothing illegal.

Before we continue chronologically, it is important to travel back in time and review a few things about Josiah Hagen.  Shortly after I began to work at Cycorp, Josiah Hagen invited me to dinner over his apartment.  He cooked swordfish, asked me if I liked to play chess and went on and on about his interest in Nietzsche.  My wife and daughter came with me to the dinner.  Also present were John Jantos (employee of Cycorp) and an individual named Andrew who I now believe to be a brother of Josiah Hagen.

While I was there, I observed Andrew stalking someone on the Internet.  Josiah Hagen explained his behavior as "work they do for his brother Phil, a lawyer" he referred to it as "moonlighting work."

When my wife went to use the bathroom, she overheard Andrew and John discussing the fact that "they had found" some individual online and that "operations were resumed."  She later recounted this to me.  This is entirely consistent with KOBE's activities.

The Hagen brothers, like the aforementioned Gustavo Espada, were raised at U.S. Embassies.  In the case of the Hagens, they were stationed in Italy.  Gustavo Espada was stationed all over Latin America.  While working for Cycorp, Hagen took an interest in my connections to El Salvador.  He told me that a friend of his was in Central America at the moment and tried to get me to talk with him over the telephone.  The friend's name was "Gustavo."

John Jantos was raised in a diplomat's family as well.  His family was stationed in Japan.

The harasser has repeatedly left the hints, "'Swordfish" and 'you do play chess, don't you'" in their online harassment operations.  Additionally, one of them has stated repeatedly that Nietzsche is his favorite philosopher.  This same individual sent me an email stating that I would be disappointed if I knew who he were.  He has provided evidence that he has met me personally.

Let us now resume with the online harassment.  During this period of time, Josiah Hagen suggested, repeatedly, that I post on the D.C. Registry.  I took a look at the D.C. Registry and concluded that it was a rightwing rag and that I would not be interested in posting there.  At that time I did not know that his brother, Phil Hagen, a lawyer, owned the D.C. Registry.  What I did know was that his brother owned Hagen Hosting.  When I later discovered that the D.C. Registry and Hagen Hosting had the same owner, I was able to deduce that Phil Hagen owned the D.C. Registry.

During this period we had weekly management meetings.  At these meetings we were asked about employees that were not keeping regular hours.  I reported that Josiah Hagen continued working all night long and did not show up during the day, causing a disruption in our work.  Mr. Lenat stated to me, in his words, "Leave Josiah Hagen alone, he is doing special personal work for me at night.  It is very valuable to me."  Now, Hagen reported to me and Lenat would not tell me what "personal work" he was doing for Lenat online at night.

While at the office, the harasser would post, from his NetTV IP address that he could see me.  Josiah Hagen was able to see me from his office.  When I left the office, the harasser would spam my forum with pornography in an attempt to have it shut down for TOS violations.  I tried varying the hours that I left to see if it would make a difference.  The harasser always knew exactly when I was leaving the office.

Later, when the time for bonus came, Lenat gave Hagen the highest bonus as a reward for his personal work for Lenat.  This proves that Lenat was paying Hagen for this "work."

Lenat then proceeded to tape random newspapers and magazines to his office windows to hide his office activities.  His machine was easily viewable from the hall.  As soon as these barriers to observation were put up, another harasser entered the picture.

One of the harassers used the name "Schooner."  He was posting from government IP addresses rented out by the Baltimore County Public Library network.  Dave Gunning, my boss at Cycorp, lived in Baltimore County and was in Baltimore County whenever "Schooner" posted.  Dave Gunning now works for DARPA.

Shortly after "Schooner" began harassing me, Dave Gunning told a story, completely unrelated to anything else at the meeting, about John Poindexter, indicating that his nickname was "Schooner."  I had not discussed the online harassment with Gunning or Lenat at this point.  This is more than a coincidence.

Schooner posted a series of threats against me which are listed in the table below:

Date Posted: 00:55:01 04/15/02 Mon
Author: Schooner
Author Host/IP: /
Subject: Do you know what you are talking about
In reply to: NSA 's message, "Schooner knows what I am talking about." on 00:55:01 04/15/02 Mon

Let me get into your ISP and find out exactly who you are. I think I'll just develop some information about you and psot it for all to see. You pathetic little dweeb.

Speaking of time on your hands, we all know what you have in your han Date Posted: 00:53:13 04/15/02 Mon
Author: Schooner
Author Host/IP: /
Subject: I have a suggestion for you
In reply to: NSA 's message, "I am an observer. You are in trouble." on 00:53:13 04/15/02 Mon

Shove your documentation up your ass.

If you were so proud of your defunct BBS Soap Jerk Box, why did you not allow the appearance of IP's , afraid you would be revealed.

Why did you freak when I posted a question and referred to a contact that was linked to from your Nazi forum.

You may be the target of some documentation my little wiener boy, don't pick a fight with a dog you do not know, you might justbe in for a larger surprise when a knock comes on your door.

Footprints? HAHAHAH The only footprints you see or feel or the ones my boots leave on your ass. As for me, you could not find me from this IP at all. Completely untraceable and a temp account created and deleted each time I log on. Logs are deleted as well.

Not that it matters, you can piss and moan 24/7 for the next 200 years and yet have no legal complaint agains tme.

Bark at someone else moron, you pathetic little Nazi troll.

Does your mamma know you post this Nazi crap with her PC. hey didn't I see you on America's Most Wanted last night, the pathetic Jew hater? Yeha, it's you. maybe I'll just drop a dime on you....... AHAHAH

I'll think up something a little more creative for you in the near future.... be on guard moron. Date Posted: 20:27:37 04/28/02 Sun
Author: Schooner
Author Host/IP: /
Subject: Let me clarify something for the administrator of this board


I will close with this - you are an Anti-Semetic, Anti-American subversive litte dickwad. You spread lies, disinformation and untruths that are not backed up with specific facts. You should be rounded up and thrown out of the country you little paranoid freak. On the off chance I should ever meet you, I will personally put my boot up your ass and kick your freaky pathetic little ass out myself.

... Date Posted: 20:34:25 05/01/02 Wed
Author: Yasser is Pissed hehehehehe
Author Host/IP: /
Subject: This place is deader then Arafat's crotch cticketts

What happeded to your massacre - you terrorist butt licker?
I though Arafat was going to stroke out. You love Arafat don't you? I bet you'd just love to stick your tongue down his throat.

Only 8 posts in two days......... this place has been shot to hell. Mid East Forum is dead as a waked out anarachist.

I guess the U.S. gov't does not appreciate you posting such trash using their systems and ISP. Careful Bud, you might lose your job.

Have a good one

PS: Isn't it quite the coincidence that anarachists brought down an anarch site. You really should have more faith in your gov't you little pathetic dweeb.

No sign of any Feds or any mysterious vans parked on our streets. You have ssen one to many black helicopters Goober. Saw you Pixie Pic on the net today, was quite impressed - you looked so adorable.

Hey? Have you checked your password lately. Better change it frequently - it's so easy to figure out.

As you can see from Schooner's posts, he promised to put up a website defaming me.  Soon after leaving Cycorp, he did and it is called KOBE.  Therefore, it seems highly plausible that KOBE is not merely the work of Cycorp but of DARPA as well.  DARPA is the Department of Defense.

You may also notice in the above the statement that I am a Nazi.  This is bizarre given that I am anti-fascist and anti-racist.  However, I do believe that the harassers think I am an anti-Semite.  The question is "why?"

My theory is that my criticism of Israel led them to this conclusion.  Moreover, there seems to be yet another Cycorp connection.  While working at Cycorp, Josiah Hagen came into my office with a large collection of papers bound into a notebook.  It was the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion."  He said to me, "Look at this, it documents the Jewish conspiracy to take over the world.  Have you read it?"  I told him that I had not read it but that I had heard of it.  I also told him that I believed the book to be a fake.  Josiah said, "Those Jews rule the world."  I replied that Jews did not rule the world and that just like any other demographic group, there are good and bad amongst all of us.

I take it from the above harassment that Josiah Hagen was looking for evidence that I was an anti-Semite.  He failed.  There is more evidence on Josiah Hagen.

The harasser posted online, just before I was fired, that I would be fired within days.  He stated that documentation was being made on my activities at work.  My wife had been to my office and while I was looking at the computer screen, she was looking out the door.  Josiah Hagen was standing just outside my door, watching me use the computer and taking notes.  My wife witnessed this.

Another time I found Josiah Hagen in my office with the door closed.  He had entered the office and was going thought the items on my desk.

Josiah Hagen, right after I moved to a new apartment, asked me what street I lived on.  When I told him, it immediately and accurately described the apartment building, though it was far from the office.  My wife reported twice someone attempting to look into the windows of our apartment at night.  This happened during the harassment.

Finally, the harassers have made many statements online, that I have documented, declaring that they work for Cycorp.

The D.C. Registry

The D.C. Registry has been the publishing medium of choice for the harassers in distributing articles accusing me of being a terrorists, asking Americans to report me to the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, and the Secret Service.  It has also been used to publish articles in my name which I did not author.  One of these articles calls for the murder of George Bush.  I believe that they were posted in order to assist law enforcement with obtaining a warrant to monitor my communications.

As mentioned above, the D.C. Registry is owned and operated by Phil Hagen.  Phil Hagen is the brother of Josiah Hagen.  Josiah Hagen reported to me at Cycorp and was paid by Douglas B. Lenat to cyber stalk me.

When  these defamatory, false and libelous articles were published on the D.C. Registry.  KOBE SBM, owner of the harassment website, stated that he had an inside contact in the D.C. Registry (I have a copy of this email).  He proved that he could identify my IP address in the responses to these articles that I made stating that I did not author them.

I wrote to Phil Hagen demanding that he remove the defamatory articles.  Rather than removing them, he threatened to sue me for harassing him.  He also stated that he had inside knowledge that I was under investigation by the FBI.

Occasionally, I would visit the D.C. Registry to see if they had removed these article.  Whenever I did, the D.C. Registry refused to respond to my attempts to view the pages based on my IP address.  KOBE, meanwhile, was maintaining a database of my IP addresses.  Viewing the articles using an anonymizer worked.  This continued for months.  Phil Hagen sought to keep the articles online but to block me from viewing them.

The Dedham Police Department

When I was fired from Cycorp, the harassment slowed down for a while.  I decided to move to Dedham, Massachusetts where I believed my family would be safer.  We moved into my parent's house.  About two weeks after moving to Dedham, the harassment started up again, but only worse.  The harassers knew that I just had had a haircut, where I was, and what I was doing on a day to day basis.  At the same time, a Dedham Police Car was stationed outside of our house.

One day, with my wife in the car, we saw this Dedham Police Officer (see picture to the right) take our photo.  I saw it and my wife saw it.  The KOBE website (the harassment website) which was soon put up had a strange resemblance in terms of graphics to those used, at that time, but the Dedham Police Department.  The web-site author of the Dedham Police Department website would later show up in Harvard Square pretending to be an anarchist (more on him later).

The online harassment also moved over to Boston IMC.  There I documented a "retired" Boston Police Officer (John Daley of the Boston Police Department Special Operations Unit) using the name "Chuck Wagon" and communicating with "KOBE OMEGA".  They were posting defamatory disinformation about me.  I connected "Chuck Wagon" to Daley by finding the same spew on his own website.  He later admitted that he was posting as "Chuck Wagon" on Boston IMC.  Therefore, shortly after arriving in the Boston area, the Dedham Police Department and the Boston Police Department became involved in the harassment.

I decided to take my propaganda to the streets and began distributing anti-Bush materials in Cambridge, MA.  Shortly thereafter the Cambridge Police began harassing me.  They even knew my name.  I telephoned the Cambridge Police Department about the harassment.  We had a conversation.  Information I conveyed to them showed up as posts by KOBE within a day.  Now we have the Dedham Police Department, The Boston Police Department, the Cambridge Police Department involved in criminal harassment.  The harassment has included numerous death threats, threats against my daughter and threats against my wife, including racist insults about my wife an daughter who are Salvadoran.

In one of the online harassment dialogs by KOBE, the harassers stated that in 1978 my family's telephone had been tapped by the police regarding the case of a young girl, 14 years old, being pursued by an older man (above 18 years old).  The intent of the post was familiar: create the implication that I am interested in minors (as was done to Scott Ritter).  What is interesting about this is that, strictly speaking (in facts, not interpretation) it is accurate insofar as the telephone was tapped by the police.  It is also correct about a 14 year old girl (my sister) and an 18+ individual (a young man in love with her).  What is incorrect is the reason given for the tap.  I was sixteen years old at the time and I am the individual who consented to the tap.  The individual pursuing my sister was wanted for breaking-and-entry into homes in Florida.  He had telephoned her from one of those homes.  The police wanted to tap the telephone in order to catch him.  I consented because I feared for my sister's well being.  I told my sister that the telephone was tapped by the Dedham Police for this purpose.  Only she, the Dedham Police and I knew this.  My parent's didn't even know.  Since consent was given, no warrant was issued.  Therefore, there would be no court record of this event.  Only the Dedham Police Department could be a source of that information.

In another telling event, the harassers posted on Boston IMC quotes from a telephone conversation I had with an employee of Cycorp while I was in Austin, Texas.

While in Harvard Square, a man calling himself "Ed", introduced himself to me as a "primitivist anarchist."  He stood by me in Harvard Square at least a dozen times.  He attempted to befriend me.  He gave me various "presents" including a battery powered pin for my jacket which flashed a red light behind a black cat (I can only wonder what other uses it had).

One day, in Harvard Square, a group of individuals showed up to counter protest us.  They did not seem genuine.  They appeared to be uncomfortable protesting us.  Soon, thereafter, two other individuals showed up and started a fight with the counter protesters.  We had never seen either group before.  The police came to stop the fight.  I prevented my friend Nick from becoming involved in the conflict as I saw the police converging on us.  They even brought a van to take away arrestees.  In the middle of this confusion, "Ed" says to me, "Hey Steve, I'm carrying.  What should I do?  The police are around us!"  I was unfamiliar with the expression "I'm carrying", so I asked him, "carrying what?"  He said, "I'm carrying drugs.  I need to stash them somewhere.  Can I put them in your bag?"

I suspected that this was a set up so I refused the request.  I would later learn the this "Ed" (see photo to the right) works for the Dedham Police Department and is the web master of their website.

In early 2004, things began to get very strange.  I found my website being modified by some third party.  I documented the changes.  Many of them were deletions of statement I had made about Rumsfeld.  I received email from an individual working a Central Command for the U.S. Military.  I checked the header and the email was really from Central Command.  He attempted to engage me in a dialog.  He made numerous statements in support of al-Qaeda to see my reaction.  I discontinued communication with him.

Another harassment website went up, this time spoofing my now defunct website The White Rose Journal.  Every time I would add and article to the White Rose Journal, it would be copied within hours onto the spoofed website (hosted at the same IP address as KOBE and a fake IMC website).  I looked at my logs and had only one daily visitor, the CIA.  The photography used on the spoofed website was from Gustavo Espada, an individual who pretended to be one of us in Harvard Square and an individual working for the Religious Studies Department of Harvard University.

Gustavo Espada sent me art work he claimed to have produced.  The artwork included drawings of George Bush's head being cut off.  He suggested that I place them on my propaganda.  He stated that he was producing T-Shirts with the same image and asked me to join him in Harvard Square to distribute them.  He cancelled at the last minute, presuming that I had already left to join him.  I did not follow through because it was obvious to me that the images would lead to an investigation by the Secret Service.

Gustavo Espada brought a "bloodies" effigy of George Bush into Harvard Square and spent hours stomping on Bush's head.  He invited me to join him.  I refused.  He remarked that someone had told him the Secret Service could arrest him for his act, but that we shouldn't care because I would bring more attention to the cause.  Right after this event, the Secret Service visited the Lucy Parson's Center in Boston, one of the two locations distributing my propaganda.  The visit concerned various images mailed to them.  The harassers took credit for this on Boston IMC and stated that the images concerned my activities in Harvard Square and that Revolution Books, another location selling my propaganda, would be targeted next.

The stalkers began to post information from personal conversation within the house I was living in.  Information conveyed only over the telephone was posted online.  Some of my emails were posted online.  At that time I did not know for sure that the Boston Police Department was involved.  In an effort to understand how this information was falling into the hands of an harassment program, I began to suspect the involvement of my brother and father, two individuals who disagree greatly with my political work and who had access to my computer's network and the house I was living in.  I had been driven to paranoia by the experience.  My wife had been driven to paranoia as well.  We both believed my family was involved.  We were wrong.

In April I received 5000 emails threatening me, my wife and my daughter.  The email stated that drugs would be planted in my home, I would be arrested, my wife would be deported and my daughter would be taken away by the state.  This was too much for my wife and I to put up with.  We decided to flee.  The first thing we did, believing that my family was involved, was to go to the district attorney and obtain a restraining order against my brother who was in Dedham at the time.  The district attorney's victim advocate, Rachel B. Karp, was very helpful and concerned at the time.  The judge, however, was useless and wanted to have a hearing.  We feared for our lives and could not wait for a hearing.  Rachel Karp gave the Dedham Police Department the evidence we had given to her.  In the meantime, the Dedham Police Called me about the incident.  They wanted me to shut my websites down.  The detective assigned to the case was a Detective Dietenhofer

My family convinced me that my brother was not involved.  I dropped the charges.  As soon as I did, the harassment re-intensified.

In a last ditch effort to save my family, my wife and I drove to the Dedham Police Department, gave them several hundred pages of evidence and asked them to investigate it.  While we were talking to the receiving officer, the same officer that photographed us showed up, called the receiving officer over and whispered in his ear.  The receiving officer became uncooperative.  My wife and I visited the district attorney's office again.  This time Rachel B. Karp had a look of fear in her eyes.  I told we were going to flee.  She said, "If they is what you think is necessary to protect yourselves, do it."

We drove to my daughter's school, pulled her out of class, and took small roads to leave Massachusetts.  Once we crossed the border, we got on a main highway and drove to a new location, very far away.  When we arrived in our new location, the harassers continued to send me email.  The main harasser recounted, verbatim, my experiences with the Dedham Police Department the week I left.  He stated that he was in communication with them and proved it by providing information concerning the events that had transpired and been communicated with the Dedham Police Department.

Since I knew my parents were now meeting with the Dedham Police Department, I believed that this person just might be my father.  I lost it again and became completely paranoid.  Once again, my wife was convinced it was my father as well.  It wasn't my father.

Later, fairly recently, on Maritimes IMC, the harassers wrote that I was estranged from my sister.  This is not entirely true, but due to the conflict when I left and the recriminations that I erroneously made, I have been uneasy about communicating with her.  Nevertheless, I have never posted anything online about being estranged from by sister over this harassment.  My parents, however, made such a statement to Detective Dientenhofer of the Dedham Police Department AND ONLY TO HIM.

The Intent of the Harassers

When my parents were visiting with the Dedham Police Department, the Dedham Police Department attempted to smear me.  My parents, on the other hand, went over the evidence with Dietenhofer and explained to him that, given the demands by the harassers that I kill myself, the harassers were attempting to induce my suicide - that is, kill my by suicide.  DIETENHOFER agreed with that analysis.  Since the Dedham Police Department is involved and the Dedham Police Department has confirmed that the harassment is intended to induce suicide, I deduce that this is a confession by the Dedham Police Department that they are involved in attempted murder.

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I have recently published a collection of short stories for anarchist parents to share with their children.  Some have been published online.  They were hosted by a Canadian firm called NetFirms.  On Maritimes IMC, the harassers stated that they contacted NetFirms and that the website would be taken down by the end of the week.  Indeed, it was taken down yesterday without explanation by NetFirms.

They have now stated that they will stop my publisher from publishing my book and have stated that the U.S. Military is involved.

This is America under George Bush's fascism.  I don't know about you, but I am now ashamed to be an American.

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