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Ballots Or Bullets?
18 nov 2004
The only choice we'll have is between ballots and bullets if we want to remain free. That is the dilemma facing America today. Do we restore integrity into our election process today or do we face a dark choice later?
November 17, 2004
From the Streets of Little Beirut
Glen Yeadon

By now it is clear Bush stole another election. It is beyond any reasonable doubt the vote was hacked in Florida and Ohio. Additionally, it is reasonable to assume the vote tally was tampered with in other states where the exit polls did not match the official results. A recount of the Ohio vote now seems a certainty.

Bush is wasting no time in implementing his radical fascist regime. He already is purging the CIA of liberals---read that as anyone that disagrees with him.

He already has indicated he plans on destroying the Social Security program by allowing people to choose to invest the money in the stock market, in a thinly cloaked effort to prop up a sagging stock market.

More dangerously he is already stacking the deck in the Senate so his Nazi judicial appointments will be confirmed, freeing the way so he can establish a religious theocracy and destroying the religious freedom Americans have enjoyed.

Political dissent will be outlawed. Dissenters will be arrested for terrorism and sent to concentration camps. The once proud citadel of democracy will be ruled by martial law and arbitrary decrees originating from the Oval Office.

Secret laws will become commonplace. Already no one is allowed to see the regulation calling for additional screening for airline passengers. The regulation is regarded as sensitive security information. In short Americans can now be obligated to comply with legally binding regulations that are unknown to them, and that indeed they are forbidden to know.

Bush will continue to wage wars for oil and other scare resources. Young Americans by the thousands will be killed.

Moreover, the Bush regime is guilty of so many war crimes and the mass murder on 9/11 by ordering the Air Force to stand down that they don't dare loose their grip on power. All future elections will be hacked in a similar fashion. The media will be locked down just as it was in the past election.

If the election results are allowed to stand America faces a dark future with only three possible outcomes: a civil war, a revolution or the birth of the full fascist state.

The police state leading to a fascist government has already been established by the Patriotic Act. The three requirements for a police state are now firmly entrenched.

1. Federal and state police serve the central government instead of serving the citizens.
2. Federal and state police enforce the policies of the central government instead of responding primarily to criminal
3. Federal and state police spy on and intimidate citizens.

Already there was one report of two tanks appearing at an anti-Bush demonstration to intimidate the demonstrators. All that is required now for the full establishment of a Nazi state is for the people to do nothing and allow the election results to stand.

While the Bush junta has dealt our liberties and freedoms a severe blow it was by no means a fatal blow. Only the people can deliver the fatal blow by not opposing this regime. Our freedoms are not in the hands of this government, any bureaucrat or any other government. It is only when the people remain indifferent to their freedoms that a government can limit and control them.

There is many ways we can oppose this regime and overthrow the yoke of fascism.
We can demand a recount and overturn this election. We can support a general strike. We can help fund alternative media like Air America so the truth can be known. We can boycott those corporations that supported Bush. We can demand an impeachment and trials for all the top officials in this regime.

Perhaps, most importantly we can demand equal time and space in schools to set up antiwar booths to show our young people the true reality of war. Let the people who voted for Bush send their sons and daughters to war. We can counsel our young people in ways to avoid a draft and offer them jobs so they are not forced to enlist. We can set up protests around any military recruiting office. We can place the burden of the body bags on those in the red states.

If we fail by 2006 we'll be living under martial law. The off year election will be a sham offering no choices. The only choice we'll have is between ballots and bullets if we want to remain free. That is the dilemma facing America today. Do we restore integrity into our election process today or do we face a dark choice later?

For more on the connections of the Bush family with the Nazis click the link below.
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Re: Ballots Or Bullets?
18 nov 2004
Gringos Estupidos - Bush won by 3-4 million - This silly stuff about election theft is so bizarre and so US liberal.

Bullets yes - If your country votes to be fascist - that does not make it OK - it means that U have to resist.
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