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Is Bush Compromised by Israeli Intelligence?
14 nov 2004
Here are the facts:
Does Ariel Sharon, the suspected war criminal from the country that gave refuge to mob financier Meyer Lansky for years, have Bush by the balls?

First read Barbara Honeggerâs article:;Chose'%20the%20Date%20of%20the%209-11%20Attacks.htm

Honegger shows that 9-11 appears to have been a date scheduled for a government exercize to do a mock drill as though hijacked jets were about to be flown into skyscrapers, including the twin towers. Honegger quotes news articles and government insiders. Honegger notes that Dick Cheney was irate about the leak of memos showing that a drill was planned for 9-11-01. 9-11 mastermind Khaled Sheik Mohammed sent a note to Mohammed Atta to initiate the attacks, which said: âThe Match is about to begin. Tomorrow (9-11) is zero hour.â?

In other words, Bin Laden didnât decide on the 9-11 date on his own. Somehow, he found out that a drill was planned on that date, which meant that his first attack wouldnât cause alarm. After all, it was all a drill, right? Which may be why, in Michael Mooreâs movie, Bush doesnât even frown when heâs told, on-camera, that a jet has just crashed into the first tower. Bush just smiles and continues reading a book to the children.

But how would Bin Laden have gotten wind of the drill? The answer lies in the murky world of Mossad intelligence. Years ago, in a case made famous by investigative journalist Danny Casalaro, a company called Inslaw got control of what is known as PROMIS software, a platform that can penetrate other electronic software with ease. It penetrates banks, computers, government networks and more to read electronic messages. During the Reagan years, Casalaro was found dead, a suspected murder possibly staged as a suicide, after US intelligence did a kind of hostile takeover of the PROMIS enterprise.

Of course, Israel reportedly got its hands on PROMIS and then, according to various reports, proceeded to sell it to Islamic enemies, possibly including Bin Ladenâafter installing a back door that allowed Mossad spies to easily monitor Arab enemies who used it. Remember those Israeli âmoving companyâ? employees arrested after cheering the burning, falling twin towers from a van rooftop just across the river, in New Jersey? The Mossad had the easy ability to monitor Bin Ladenâs use of PROMIS to first find out about, then plan hijack attacks that coincided with a US drill of the sort. 9-11 may not have been a surpise to Ariel Sharon. Instead, long before the twin towers went down, Sharonâs Mossad was doing its homework, both on Bin Laden, and on Bush, of course.

Apparently, Mossad was onto Bin Laden, i.e. the Mossad agents who lived ânext doorâ? to leading attacker and pilot Mohammed Atta, according to journalist Daniel Hopsicker. Barbara Honegger calls the 9-11 coincidence the âMatch strategy,â? as is suggested by the message that got Dick Cheney so bizarrely riled. But why would such evidence rile Dick Cheney?

According to Hopsicker, there is more to the story. See Hopsickerâs article: Not only did Bin Laden apparently penetrate US defense and intelligence with PROMIS software that the Israelis reportedly sold to Bin Laden. There is deeply embarrassing dirt in the mix. Surrounding Mohammed Attaâs stay in cozy, quiet Venice, Florida, where he trained to fly airliners, was a bizarre web of narcotics dealing and US intelligence corruption.

Hopsickerâs various witnesses note that 43 pounds of heroin was seized by police at the same Venice FL airport where Atta trained at, back in 2000. The heroin was found in a Lear jet owned by the owner of Huffman Aviation, the airport site where Atta trained to fly big jets. Hopsickerâs informants say the DEA gave the green light for narcotics trafficking out of Huffman at the time Atta trained just a stoneâs throw away. But why would the DEA allow that to go on?

Because, as Hopsicker shows, Atta had long been followed by US intelligence. More importantly, at the time, Bin Laden effectively owned and controlled the government of Afghanistan, which produced between 70-90 percent of the worldâs opium, of which heroin is made. US intelligence and right wing money men certainly get in on such cash flows. Read A. J. McCoy's The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia, or see Gary Webbâs book, Dark Alliance, for the details.

So, Bin Laden, the son of a billionaire, had control of the worldâs most lucrative, most high profit cash crop. In the world of easy money, there is no other comparison, except for cocaine. Al Queda and Bin Laden are highly skilled at laundering huge amounts of money through such trade, also at earning a life-sustaining profit for their terror network. Bombs and weapons are not free, after all. By controlling Afghanistan, then headed by an illiterate, one-eyed sheik named Mullah Omar, Bin Laden could penetrate and do business with a huge variety of US organized crime and intelligence structures.

Remember Sibel Edmonds, that FBI translator who said sheâd seen FBI messages showing that the FBI knew of a plan to fly jets into US skyscrapers shortly before 9-11? Bushâs FBI has placed a gag order on Sibel Edmonds, but she has nonetheless gone public with important details. As Daniel Hopsicker reports,

"FBI whistle-blower Sibel Edmonds, in the months after the attack, bumped into the arms for drugs deals, she said in a recent interview with Edmonds alleged that the US State Department blocked investigations showing links between criminal drug trafficking networks and the terror attacks on 9/11.

"Certain investigations were being quashed, let's say per State Department's request, because it would have affected certain foreign relations [or] affected certain business relations with foreign organizations," she stated."

So why would Bush fear what Edmonds has to say? Because of the fact that US intelligence clearly tracked Atta and other terrorists who were flocking to flight schools in the US. Bin Laden was big in the dope business, which was good for Bush crony banks. Bush should know: his father headed the CIA back when Meyer Lansky and the mob were big money earners, money that was sometimes laundered into US black budget programs.

When Zacharias Moussaoui was arrested in Minneapolis only months before 9-11, FBI agent Cowleen Rowley tried to get FBI permission to look at his computer laptop hard drive. Rowleyâs FBI supervisor said, no way. So, Moussaoui, who was a close friend of Mohammed Atta and apparently in on the 9-11 scheme, kept his secrets. Reporter Daniel Hopsicker interviewed the man who drove Mohammed Atta around in a cab in Venice Fl during the months Atta trained there. The cab driver reports seeing Moussaoui in the mix. Apparently, Bushâs FBI may have been warned off by DEA or by the CIA because of Al Queda dope implications. Now how would that look on Bushâs resume during an election year? Terrible, which is why Bushâs FBI later actually PAID A BONUS to the FBI supervisor who told Cowleen Rowley to back off and leave the laptop alone.

So, what would Ariel Sharon have on George Bush? The PROMIS scandal, the Mohammed Atta dope and Bin Laden heroin pipeline, the various reported implications of Richard Armitage in heroin trafficking, and more. Whoâs Richard Armitage? Armitage is Bushâs Undersecretary of State, a reddish haired weightlifter gone overweight (like Ariel Sharon) who was at the center of what was described as âa warâ? within the elder Bushâs administration to get rid of Armitage because of his heroin connections. According to Daniel Sheehan, Ross Perot, Bo Greitz and numerous others (including a CIA agent I interviewed), during the 1970âs Armitage headed the Far East company, which laundered Golden Triangle heroin in Thailand toward the end of the CIAâs heroin doings during the Vietnam war.

What else would Sharon have on Bush? Bushâs father, as head of the CIA, tried his best to divert attention from CIA corruption during his brief tenure there. Bush Sr. didnât just kiss the rump of white collar and organized crime bound into the CIA; he tried to lick it clean by denying everything. Like the famous J. Edgar Hoover memo (see The Nation magazine article of 1988) of 1963 saying that, when Hoover asked if the CIA had evidence of its ties to Lee Harvey Oswald, a âGeorge H. W. Bushâ? responded for the CIA, saying no. Of course, we now have abundant evidence, including the testimony of CIA officer David Atlee Phillips, that Oswald had deep interactions with the CIA.

Sharonâs right wing cohorts at Mossad would certainly have found mob financier Meyer Lanskyâs comments interesting during the Nixon years that Lansky spent in Israel, hiding from US lawmen. Dope on Bush there? Maybe not Bush Jr., butâ¦

Stanley Hilton, Bob Doleâs former senior advisor and Wolfowitzâs college classmate, said that he sees evidence for Bush administration awareness of 9-11 attack plans on the Alex Jones radio show recently. Hilton sees a conspiracy, although he doesnât seem to have heard Barbara Honeggerâs info about âthe Match strategy,â? so Hiltonâs interpretation of the facts appears to be exaggerated.

Finally, Bushâs stark, if not fateful veering away from previous presidentsâ attempts to further the peace process in Israel suggests that Sharonâs Mossad may have compromised Bush. Bin Laden specifically cited Bush and Rumsfeldâs cheerleading for Sharonâs savaging of the Palestinians and the Palestinian Authority as motive for the 9-11 attack. That much is public knowledge.

Analysts seem bewildered by Bushâs willingness to lie to the entire world about weapons of mass destruction, then threaten major allies France AND Germany with brutal consequences if they didnât go along with Bushâs scheme for an unprovoked attack on Iraq. Bushâs officials told Germany that it would suffer the consequences and no longer be a major power if it didnât join in the war. Bushâs cronies still pillory France daily. Even Kerry looks âFrench,â? remember?

Some observers go so far as to suggest that Bush is controlled by Sharon and Israel---which may be a stretch. But there is certainly evidence that Bush may have been compromised in unprecedented ways, by the Israelis. A few weeks ago, Bush made the nearly hallucinatory remark that Afghanistan and Iraq are well on their way to being good examples for âa remakingâ? of the entire Middle East by Bushâs soldiers. Afghanistan, which has re-surged to be the worldâs #1 opium/heroin source--where the president is little more than the mayor of Kabul--is an example? And Iraq? Richard Perle, former Bush Pentagon advisor, and accused spy Larry Franklin are but two of Bushâs officials long suspected of slipping classified info to the Israelis.

Hints by Bush officials that a number of other mideastern countries are on Bushâs list of to-doâs further underscore Bushâs historically weak, if not compromised position re the regime of Sharon, the suspected war criminal.

Previous presidents acted with dignity and courage to further the peace process in Israel, but Bush Jr. has capitulated entirely, only making occasional statements, but never enforcing them. This is a fast-developing subject, also a controversial one. Bush may be secretly compromisedâin ways that are of epic importance.

By the way, where was Bush during his lost year at the tail end of his Guard obligation? Did he make any extra-curricular journeys into his father's old CIA-related haunts: Central and South America? Read Hopsicker's article on this fast-developing possibility at:

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