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A "Zona libre de AGCS" logo is available
13 nov 2004
We are the graphists who have developped a logo against AGCS in France. We have done some foreign versions (for belgium, deutchland, england...).
Last month, someone from Spain contacted us to do a spanish version: Zona libre de AGCS.


It's done. You can find it on 2 websites: (click on the spanish flag)

You can use as more as you want. It's free of charge, it's copyleft.
At least, 200 websites used it in France, Belgium, Quebec, Deutchland, Switzerland, Italia.... Between 20 and 30 towns (we don't know exactly) in France used it for their official communications. We know at least 3 towns here which have decided to put this logo at every entries of their towns.

This work is in the public domain


Re: A "Zona libre de AGCS" logo is available
13 nov 2004
q es AGCS?
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