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23 oct 2004
Some Dutch also claim and use 'License to Kill' : but it simply does not make sense at all - unless many of the killings, the torture, the kidnappings and bombings, are designed to foment chaos and portray all resistance as 'murderous nihilists and cold-blooded criminals'.

Dutch also claim and use 'License to Kill'

by Henk Ruyssenaars

FPF-The Netherlands - 23 Oct. 2004 - In Berkeley, last October 8th, Pulitzer Prize-winning american journalist and writer, Seymour Hersh*, spilled the secrets of the US-Iraq quagmire, and the so called 'War on Terror'. Which according to Seymour Hersh, is a 'US War OF Terror'.

Hersh was quite clear in what he said: according to him 'the Iraq war is not winnable'. One of the reasons he mentioned, was the existence of secret american (CIA/Mossad) 'terror squads', of which he pointed out one which he said 'has been 'disappearing' people since December 2001'*
In Hersh opinion, the warmongering managers and the ill-informed people of the United States, 'have absolutely no idea about how irreparably its torture of Iraqis at Abu Ghraib prison has damaged its image in the Middle East'.
And obvious is too, while checking Arab and other non-US mainstream news sources, that many people believe that a lot of the kidnappings and beheadings are done by those special US- and other terror squads.


The Netherlands may be a small country on the map, but as one of the the best partners of both the warmongering United States and Israel, it has for decades taken part in many of the illegal operations, and now in the illegal war in Iraq too. [BBC/Annan: http://tinyurl.con/5pl2v]

It has to be said - and taken into account on behalf of the dutch 'sheeple' - that the 'Kingdom of the Netherlands' is one of the last feudal monarchies on earth, with an easy controllable population of 16+ million mostly badly informed and commercially brainwashed inhabitants. The clever ones are having a very hard time.

All mainstream media are owned by the people at present 'running' the servile country. The - paid with taxes - public broadcasting services and others - for the most have turned into a commercialized state radio/TV, and for decades the Netherlands Journalists Union (!) -(NVJ)- took part in the greedy power instead of controlling it carefully, as they should.

They sold themselves almost all, letting down many of the people they should work for, but who became very misinformed up until now, and have lately started strikes against what they call 'the inhuman government policy'. The 'Holland-managers' are "Starving the Beast".

Also the so called 'National News Agency' - (ANP)* is in the hands of the industry, and has openly turned into "His Multinational's Voice". There are certainly many dutch journalists doing their utmost, but 'there is no place in the sun for honest products'. That is why the majority of the people, via the media in the Netherlands, is so easily controlled, and news about Special Dutch Forces with a license to kill was scarce.

In a recent court scandal however, some of the 'secret operation actions' of the present 'managers of the Netherlands' became known in a murder case which was a farce and another sham by the dutch juridical system.

One has to keep in mind, that also the war in Iraq - even according to the Secretary General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, is an illegal war. All suffering and damage is a compilation of war crimes by all involved. That of course includes the present dutch 'christian neo-conmen', the so called 'gov't', which for decades already has slavishly followed US/Israeli orders.

It is not difficult to conclude that all armed personnel - including the Dutch - in Iraq, and with or without a license to kill, kidnap and behead, are war criminals, according to all earlier valid international law and Warfare Conventions.

Schiphol Airport: the Dutch-American-Israeli & Contraband 'Warport'.

The 'Dutch National airport Schiphol', strategically situated close to Amsterdam, has been a vast turntable for mostly illegal American and Israeli 'Special Forces' and contraband for decades. There was - and is - never any control by the dutch so called authorities on this illegal traffic.

Dutch Attorney General Vrakking said on Jan. 29, 1999: "that the El Al security detachment at Schiphol is a branch of the Mossad".* And most certainly any pro-US Special Forces - of all kinds and brands - can fly wherever they want, even maybe "Soon in a "Wartheatre' near you...".

In this Dutch court case - ending in a politically motivated and disgraceful verdict of 'not guilty', a dutch Marine, Erik O, had to spill some of the beans, and via his counsel 'leakt' that he was one of those members of the secret squads with 'a license to kill'.

Some journalists woke up, but in the Netherlands this kind of news disappears as fast as is possible in the giant 'memory hole', which was done in concerted action and after an initial news burst. Later on it is hardly ever mentioned again in the government- and mainstream media. But it still can be read in the online news service of 'Expatica', one of the 'expat' web sites 'for people living abroad'*.

Expatica published an item on the suspect dutch marine 'given license to kill' last June 15th, reporting that 'investigations into Dutch marine Erik O. who was accused of murdering an Iraqi looter in December â have revealed he was previously involved in top secret "license to kill" missions. As a member of the Special Support Unit (BBE) of the Royal Marines, O. was involved in anti terrorism operations which carried government approval to use violence that might result in fatalities.'

The military past of O. has been uncovered during investigations the military police has conducted into the death of an Iraqi looter on 27 December last year. The victim was killed after O. allegedly fired a warning shot while serving on peacekeeping duties in southern Iraq. He was arrested and flown home to the Netherlands to face murder or manslaughter charges, but was later released and provisionally cleared of any wrongdoing. Meanwhile, sources close to the investigation have confirmed to 'news agency ANP'* that O., a sergeant major, was in the past involved in State secret operations.

The conclusions about O.'s military past are noteworthy: because dossiers over secret missions are normally destroyed within six months. Why do they suddenly appear and exist now?

Because under any normal law the man is guilty of murder in an illegal war, and that does not fit the false picture right now since 'we're bringing democracy'. 'Liberating people' by killing them?
Special Forces & False Flag Operations.

On the possibility of faking kidnappings and killings, colleague/journalist Kurt Nimmo* did an interesting and informative article, questioning the kidnapping of the humanitarian help organisation Care's Margaret Hassan, and describing it as a possible CIA-Mossad False Flag Operation.
According to Nimmo there are "more than a few of the kidnappings in Iraq which appear to be CIA, military intelligence,or Mossad operations. For instance, when Simona Pari and Simona Torretta of the Italian humanitarian organization Bridge to Baghdad were kidnapped recently, witnesses described the kidnapping as âextremely professionalâ? and said a well dressed man wearing a suit and tie had led the operation, according to the Guardian. And in this case it should be remembered there being one of them answering 'Yes Sir' when he got an order. In Margaret Hassan's case they apparently were professionals too.

Of course, it is possible the Iraqi resistance, or a criminal gang interested in ransom, pulled off the kidnapping of Pari and Torretta, but the question remains: why are so many kidnappings directed against humanitarian organizations, obviously not the preferred target of a resistance determined to drive the United States out of Iraq?

It simply does not make senseâunless the kidnappings and bombings are designed to foment chaos and portray the resistance as murderous nihilists and cold-blooded criminals. Is it possible Mossad and the CIA are also responsible for the creation of the elusive super terrorist al-Zarqawi and have planned and executed suicide, car bombings, and beheadings?

For those who harbor doubts the United States would organize, front, and unleash terrorist groups against innocent civilians, consider 'Operation Northwoods'*, a terrorist operation against Cuban civilians designed to be blamed on Castro, as proposed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1962.

In the given example, this terror campaign would be pointed at Cuban refugees seeking haven in the United States,â?suggests the declassified memo sent to then Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara. âWe could sink a boatload of Cubans enroute to Florida (real or simulated). We could foster attempts on lives of Cuban refugees in the United States ⦠Harassment of civil air, attacks on surface shipping ⦠Hijacking attempts against civil air and surface craft.â?


In Berkeley, a moved and angry Seymour Hersh told the auditorium: "It's shades of Vietnam again, folks: body counts," And he also said "My parents were immigrants, they came here because America meant something: "the Statue of Liberty and all that stuff, because America always was this bastion of morality and integrity and a place for a fresh start.
And it's right in front of us, not hidden, that they've taken this away from us."
One can only agree with Seymour Hersh, and with the hundreds of millions of people all over the world, thinking that all the suffering and global damage, done to so many people, in so many countries, by the United States 'managers' and their collaborating ilk, will take generations to repair.
If ever possible...

Henk Ruyssenaars

After using the URL of the 'US National Archives', concerning the US 'Death Squad Protection Act' - the 'link' which was used :  
http://tinyurl.con/6xdfwÂ;  just 'disappeared' and it now churns out a blank site! They really must have a bad consience... But it can be found here: http://tinyurl.con/5zrr5
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The DIA and the military services maintain a large number of military attachés and a much smaller network of clandestine case officers to satisfy foreign intelligence requirements. The Defense HUMINT Service became operational October 1, 1995, to consolidate the human intelligence (HUMINT) capabilities of the DIA, Army, Navy, and Air Force. Txt-Url.: http://tinyurl.con/5zrr5

Editor : Henk Ruyssenaars
The Netherlands

The Dutch author has this far worked abroad for 4 decades for international media, as a foreign correspondent, of which 10 years - also during Gulf War I - in the Arab World and the Middle East.Seeing worldwide that every bullet and every bomb breeds more terrorism ! ( US Senator agrees:  http://tinyurl.con/2ylmv )


This work is in the public domain


23 oct 2004
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