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Mary Kelly on Trial - Call for support
13 oct 2004

Mary's latest re-trial is set to begin on 20th October 2004. -- She is charged under Irish law with 'criminal damage without lawful excuse' for using a fire-axe to disarm a US Navy 737 at Shannon Airport, Ireland, in the run-up to the attack on Iraq in Jan 2003. This is the third attempt by the Irish government to convict her - please distribute the PDF flyer and help support her
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On July 3 2003 that's what US citizen and ex-Marine Scott Ritter, former UN weapons inspector in Iraq, said when he spoke in Galway, Ireland, in support of Mary Kelly, whose trial had concluded earlier that day. The major charge against her: ‘criminal damage without lawful excuse’ to a US warplane at Shannon Airport, Ireland. Ritter had come to Ireland to testify as a witness, but his testimony was hindered by the trial judge. The jury split on the verdict, so Mary received a reprieve - until the Director of Public Prosecutions in Ireland decided to re-try her on the same charge.


Mary's second trial in June 2004 collapsed when she was literally abandoned in the courtroom by those who had been engaged to protect her best interests. Rather than ask the judge to force disclosure of the legal advice given by the Attorney General to the Irish government relating to the illegal use of Shannon Airport for this war, her legal counsel suddenly resigned.


On October 20, 2004 Mary's third trial will begin. She has been denied legal aid for expert witnesses and faces massive costs. Her case file has been withheld by previous counsel, obstructing her from briefing new counsel. Now she is forced to represent herself.


Mary's courageous action to save human life highlighted the complicity of the Irish government in this war – they continue by facilitating fuelling stopovers at Shannon Airport for US warplanes en route to the Gulf. The Irish Constitution clearly states: 'War shall not be declared and the State shall not participate in any war save with the assent of Dáil Éireann.' (Article 28.3.1)

Dáil Éireann (the Irish parliament) has been misled that this assistance to the aggressor plays no part in this dirty war.

But we, the People, are not so easily fooled - We will not stand by and allow the Irish government to use Mary Kelly as a scapegoat to cover for its own crimes. Citizens of the World – We call on you to help us defend Mary Kelly from injustice !

Scott Ritter on Mary Kelly

"Mary Kelly's struggle isn't about a single individual. It's about a nation: the nation of Ireland. It's about a community: the European community. It's about a larger community: the international community. It's about International Law. You need a rallying cry? Mary Kelly is a rallying cry! She has done something courageous. She has done something in defense of a higher principle. She needs your help."

Shannon Warport?

Shannon Airport in Ireland continues to be used intensively by the US military for the refuelling of planes, carrying troops and terror weapons en route to commit war crimes in Iraq. (Weapons include napalm, cruise missiles and depleted uranium.) The same US warplanes refuel at Shannon on their return journeys carrying the spoils of war: flag-draped coffins of their dead for rapid burial in USA, kidnapped torture candidates to Guantánamo Bay in Cuba, irradiated and amputee veterans for disposal somewhere out of mind. The 'neutral' Irish government is fully aware of this situation.

Criminal government

“What we are fighting here is our own criminal government which has involved Ireland in an illegal war. They have facilitated more than half the US troops going to fight. They have torn our Constitution to shreds. They do not even allow the Gardai (police) and Customs at Shannon to board these planes and inspect the cargo. There is a huge arsenal of weapons flying through and over Shannon, with no concern for the safety of the citizens. Ireland has been made complicit in an illegal war, against the will of the Irish people.?
“I believe it is my duty as a responsible citizen to rid a civilian airport of belligerent US military warplanes. Their presence in our country is contrary to our Constitution . . . which is the highest law of our land. I am not willing to be an accomplice by facilitating these war-machines with fuel.?

... Mary Kelly, in public statements

How to Help!

* DONATE MONEY or fundraise for legal costs, send to >>

Peace Defence Fund
International Bank Account Number(IBAN)
IE 45ULSB 9860 2050 4000 07

* WRITE TO THE JUDGE, demand Mary's right to a fair trial, a full defence and that the jury be allowed to decide on the facts.

Letters....> P.O. Box 9260, Dublin 1, Ireland

* SPREAD THIS INFORMATION, Download + use the PDF flyer linked on this page.
Start your own crusade – Take Action against this insane bloody war!

* PICKET IRISH EMBASSIES, demand that the real war-criminals be put on trial!

for further info, comments etc. see Mary’s website

This appeal is issued by Fairview.AntiWarIreland.Org -- Press enquiries, Tlf: +353-(0)86.351.24.69

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