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13 oct 2004


press release


'Was the seizure of Indymedia's servers in London unlawful or did the UK government collude?'

- "A trail that started in Switzerland and Italy has now ended fairly and squarely in the lap of the UK Home Secretary to justify"

Journalist Associations

  • 'International Federation of Journalists' (8 October 2004)

'The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), the global organisation representing over 500,000 journalists worldwide, today called for an investigation into the action by police in Britain in co-operation with other agencies that led to the temporary closure of 21 of the more than 140 Indymedia web sites worldwide.'

  • 'World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC)' (8 October 2004)
'AMARC is deeply concerned by reports about the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) seizure of Indymedia servers in the United Kingdom.'

  • 'Reporters Without Borders' (12 October 2004)
Reporters Without Borders has condemned the seizure of UK-based webservers, used by some 20 Indymedia websites and has written to Home Secretary David Blunkett, copied to his US, Italian and Swiss counterparts, seeking an explanation for the confiscations.

"This intervention is the responsibility of the British authorities because it relates to a hosting company operating on their territory. Closure of websites is a serious step, the reasons for which should definitely be made public"


12 October

'Anschlag auf die Pressefreiheit' - Neues Deutschland (Germany)

'Schwerer Schlag ins Netz' - Frankfurter Rundschau (Germany)

11 October

'Neue Details zur Beschlagnahme der Indymedia-Server' - (Germany)

'FBI zieht Stecker' - die tageszeitung (Germany)

'Gefälligkeitsdienste des FBI bei Pressezensur von INDYMEDIA' - Netzwerk IT (Germany)

'Indymedia: FBI schliesst auf Schweizer Druck hin Internet-Portal' - (Switzerland)

'Spur der Zensoren führt nach Rom und Zürich' - Junge Welt (Germany)

'Internationaler Schlag gegen Pressefreiheit' - Heise - Telepolis (Germany)

10 October

'Geheimdienst beschlagnahmt Indymedia-Server' - winfuture: windows online magazine

9 October

'FBI schaltet Indymedia weltweit ab' - Junge Welt (Germany)

8 October

'Indymedia: Festplatten beschlagnahmt' - Heise Newsticker (Germany)

'Polizeiaktion gegen Indymedia' - Der Standard (Austria)

'FBI beschlagnahmt Server von Indymedia' - Netzeitung (Germany)

'Aufregung um Beschlagnahmung von Indymedia-Server' - Golem (Germany)

'FBI beschlagnahmt Server von Indymedia' -

'US-Behörden mit russischen Methoden' - (Antirassismus Netzwerk)

'Zensur: FBI beschlagnahmt Indymedia-Server in London' -

'Betreiber des unabhängigen Netzwerks befürchten Auftakt einer ...' - rbi-aktuell (Germany)

'FBI blockiert Indymedia' - netzwerk IT

'FBI beschlagnahmt IMC Server in Großbritannien' - Die Linke Seite (Germany)

'FBI beschlagnahmt Indymedia Server in den USA und Großbritannien' - stern shortnews (Germany)


11 October

'Home Office in frame over FBI's London server seizures' - The Register (UK)

'US seizes independent media sites' - BBC (UK)

'US seizes webservers from independent media sites' - The Guardian (UK)

'U.S. shuts down British media Web sites' - Washington Post (USA)

10 October

'Seizure of Indymedia servers in London compromises the NHTCU Confidentiality Charter' -SpyBlog (UK)

'Indymedia Seizures Initiated In Europe' - Slashdot

9 October

'Alternative Network's Internet Servers Confiscated' - Inter Press Service News Agency

'Indymedia Case - Will the FBI put pressure on Indymedia Nantes?' - Zmag (written by Indymedia Nantes)

A party in Berlusconi's coalition asked for the closure of the Indymedia site AhimsaYahooRoughTranslation041009a - rough translation from French

Switzerland: opening of an enquiry into the alterglobalist site Indymedia AhimsaAFPRoughTranslation041010a - rough translation from French of somewhat new bits makes allegation about "calls for violence"

8 October

"Servers in UK Containing Indymedia Websites Seized by Government" EFF

'News website Indymedia says FBI seized server' --AFP (USA)

'Feds target alternative media Web site' --CNet (USA)

'San Antonio web-hosting company gives servers to government' -AP story (USA) registration required

'Authorities Seize Rackspace Servers' - Web Hosting Industry News (UK)

'Feds seize Indymedia servers' - The Register (UK)

'U.S. Gov't Siezes Indymedia Servers' - Democracy Now (USA), mp3? USA

'FBI Seizes Indymedia Servers in the UK' - Zmag (USA)

'FBI Seizes IMC Servers in the UK' - yubanet (USA)

'FBI Seizes Indymedia servers' - truthout

'FBI seizes Indymedia servers' - The Age (Australia)

'FBI seizes Indymedia servers' - smh (Australia)

'FBI seizes Global Indymedia Servers. Reasons Unknown'

'Web-Hosting Firm Gives Feds Hard Drives' MSNBC (USA)

'News website Indymedia says FBI seized server'

'Web-hosting firm gives feds hard drives' USA

'FBI seizes Indymedia servers in the United Kingdom' (Afrika) 1

'FBI seizes UK Indymedia servers' (Canada)

'Web-Hosting Firm Surrenders Hard Drives to Feds' (USA)

'' ( USA)

'San Antonio web-hosting company gives servers to government' (USA)

'KPFT Evening News' audio report, Streaming audio at Mp3 download at Interview takes place at minute 3. Houston IMC has full tapes of this audio interview and will upload them and let people know in #ahimsa

7 October 'Indymedia Server Raided by FBI' - Slashdot

'Cause of FBI Seizure of Indy Media Servers'Cryptome USA

'FBI Seizes Indy Media Servers' Cryptome USA

And many more from google news:


'fils d'actualité dédié (reprise dépêches et liens sources)' nice-lille-nantes.indymedia

'fils d'actualité dédié (reprise dépêches et liens sources)' nice-lille-nantes.indymedia

(veuille mettre les dates - les plus récents en haut)

12.10.2004 'L’internationale policière contre Indymedia' acrimed

11.10.2004 Les photos des deux policier ont migré (-> lawyer has his sights on imc ch because of link to pictures)

10.10.2004 Suisse: ouverture d'une enquête sur le site altermondialiste

'Fermeture brutale du serveur Indymedia, le FBI impliqué'

9 octobre 2004 Site Indymedia fermé par le FBI - enquête ouverte à Genève

déclaration fausse publiée - False statement published: "l'adresse et le nom de l'un d'eux ont paru sur le site français Indymedia-Nantes."

Un parti de la coalition Berlusconi a demandé la fermeture du site Indymedia

8 octobre 2004

Par Jean-Marc Manach, 'Étrange fermeture d'une vingtaine de sites d'Indymedia' ZDNet France

' Le FBI censure des sites d'informations dans une vingtaine de pays'

'La saisie des serveurs IMC, "un acte de censure brutale'

'Le FBI saisit des serveurs IMC au Royaume-Uni'

'FBI: L'opération contre le site Indymedia à la demande de Italie et Suisse' depêche AFP

'Le FBI s'attaque à Indymédia'

7 octobre

'Le FBI saisit les disques dur d’un serveur Indymedia en ...'





Inchiesta in Svizzera, polemiche in Italia

Indymedia: la Svizzera apre un'inchiesta

L'Fbi precisa: il sequestro del server di Indymedia voluto dall'Italia e dalla Svizzera

L'Fbi chiude Indymedia

L’Fbi precisa: il sequestro del server di Indymedia voluto dal Viminale

Fbi dichiara : Indymedia sequestrato su richiesta italiana e svizzera

Indimedia, la homepage è stata ripristinata su altri server

Sequestro IndyMedia?: 'Ce l'ha chiesto l'Italia'

Sequestro Indymedia: la richiesta è partita dall'Italia



Indymedia sotto attacco. Giulietti: le autorità italiane e gli europarlamentari intervengano

Chi ha oscurato Indymedia? Tutti negano, la destra applaude



'L'Fbi precisa: il sequestro del server di Indymedia voluto dal ...'

'Internet: Fbi sequestra server Indymedia in GB e Usa'

'L'agenzia federale rivela: «Ce l'ha chiesto l'Italia»'


L'Fbi sequestra i server di Indymedia

L'Fbi sequestra i server di Indymedia. Quali motivi?


'Bequestrato dall’Fbi il sito di indymedia'

'Inserisci il testo da ricercare'

'NEGLI USA EA LONDRA - Fbi sequestra server Indymedia, ko sito ...'


'Parla Indymedia: la lista completa dei collettivi che sono stati ...'


'Internet: Fbi Sequestra Server Indymedia In gb e Usa'


Inchiesta FBI Su Indymedia

'L'Fbi sequestra i server di Indymedia: oscurato il sito'

'La casa del tuo curriculum. Attaccalo in questa bacheca con una ...' [


11.10.2004 EE.UU.: freno a la prensa BBC



'El FBI bloquea un website ' Clarin argentina


'Justicia suiza investiga publicación de datos personales en sitio Indymedia'

'Italia y Suiza piden a EEUU que interrumpa los servidores de Indymedia'

'UE/USA: Italia y Suiza solicitan a Estados Unidos suspender ...'


'El FBI incautó servidores de Indymedia en el Reino Unido'

'Suscribete a los titulares de Izaronews'

'El FBI incauta servidores de Indymedia en el Reino Unido'

'Un proveedor británico retira información de los servidores de ...'

'El FBI confisca los servidores de Internet de Indymedia'

'El FBI incautó los discos duros de Indymedia en Gran Bretaña ' La Repulbica Uruguay

*El FBI saca de la web a Indymedia

*Secuestran a Indymedia



'Websites Indymedia van internet gehaald door actie FBI' Het Belang van Limburg

'FBI sluit 20 websites andersglobalistische Indymedia' Het Laatste Nieuws

'FBI neemt servers Indymedia in beslag'

'Websites Indymedia van internet gehaald door actie FBI' Gazet van Antwerpen

'Indymedia-server in beslag genomen door FBI'


«Εισβολή» στα εναλλακτικά ΜΜΕ. Υλικό των ανεξά?τητων μέσων ενημέ?ωσης Indymedia κατασχέθηκε από το FBI

Το indymedia στην καταστολή του FBI

Λογοκ?ισία στο Διαδίκτυο. Χω?ις εξηγήσεις το FBI κατέσχεσε τους servers από 20 site που στ?έφονταν κατά της παγκοσμιοποίησης

Επίθεση της αμε?ικανικής κυβέ?νησης στα ανεξά?τητα μέσα ανά τον κόσμο, FBI εναντίων Indymedia


As of 11.10.2004, 9 articles in alternative press (including 2 on, none in mainstream press.

Some Quotes from the Press

"It is not an FBI operation," FBI spokesman Joe Parris told AFP. "Through a legal assistance treaty, the subpoena was on behalf of a third country."

NEW YORK - The FBI's seizure of the Indymedia server was solicited from Italy and Switzerland, according to Joe Parris, a spokesperson for the the FBI. The initiative, therefore, was not an independent decision of the US Department of Justice{C9C0843E-A8ED-4536-08C2-07324241C3EF}

"We have witnessed an intolerable and intrusive international police operation against a network specialising in independent journalism," said Aidan White IFJ General Secretary. "The way this has been done smacks more of intimidation of legitimate journalistic inquiry than crime-busting."

The IFJ believes the seizure may be linked to a September 30 court case in San Jose California, in which Indymedia San Francisco and two students at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania successfully opposed an application by Diebold Election Systems Inc to remove documents claiming to reveal flaws in the design of electronic voting machines which are due to be used widely in the forthcoming US Presidential election.

Dai Davis, an IT lawyer at London law firm Nabarro Nathanson, said Rackspace's statement fails to clarify the legal basis of the raid. "If it was a RIPA warrant, Rackspace can't refer to it. Most RIPA warrants can be issued by the Home Secretary," he said. "The FBI has no jurisdiction in the UK and would need to act in concert with UK authorities, such as the security services or police," he added.


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