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Notícies :: criminalització i repressió : indymedia : mitjans i manipulació : xarxa i llibertat
FBI vs Indymedia: Update 1: 8 October: Statement by Rackspace
08 oct 2004
Statement by Rackspace
"In the present matter regarding Indymedia, Rackspace Managed Hosting, a U.S. based company with offices in London, is acting in compliance with a court order pursuant to a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT), which establishes procedures for countries to assist each other in investigations such as international terrorism, kidnapping and money laundering. Rackspace responded to a Commissioner’s subpoena, duly issued under Title 28, United States Code, Section 1782 in an investigation that did not arise in the United States. Rackspace is acting as a good corporate citizen and is cooperating with international law enforcement authorities. The court prohibits Rackspace from commenting further on this matter.

For additional information on the MLAT, please visit; Indymedia still does not have information on the following questions:

1) Why was the hardware sized? The order was issued to Rackspace and they have not been able to give Indymedia any details, nor were any US authorities. Indymedia has been trying to find this out and is still doing so.
At least 4 different stories are spread worldwide at the net as possible reason, some of them more likely then others. However, we do not have any confirmation on any of them.

2) Who issued the order where? We understand that the FBI contacted Rackspace in the US, even though the hardware in question is physically hosted in the UK. If anybody has confirmed information on this, please tell us.

3) What hardware was removed? We don't know exacetly whether the complete servers or the hardware were removed. However, we know that at least two servers went offline.
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This work is in the public domain


Questions for Rackspace
08 oct 2004
Questions for Rackspace

Q: Did the subpoena specify that hardware should be handed over? Or just information?

A: Refused to say.

Q: What exactly did Rackspace hand over to the requesting agency?
(We have heard "2 computers", "servers", "hard disks")

A: Refused to say.

Q: Who issued the subpoena?

A: Through the State Department., entitled "Commissioner's Subpoena". Would not say which commisioner.

Q: At what time was the subpoena issued?

A: Refused to say.

Q: Who at Rackspace received the subpoena?

A: Jennifer O'Connell.

Q: At what time was the hardware handed over?

A: Refused to say.

Q: Was any attempt made to contact people at indymedia? If so, at what time?

A: No response.

Q: Was the data copied before you potentially destroyed it by giving it to whoever you gave it to?

A: Refused to say.
Update 2, 8 October: Indymedia & the FBI: earlier events
08 oct 2004
Update 2, 8 October:
Indymedia & the FBI: earlier events

Earlier incidents with the FBI, CIA or other US authorities included:

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