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greece: state vindictiveness
05 oct 2004
The prisoners held as members of the "17th of November" are on a hunger strike protesting against the special conditions of confinement
At 17/9 , a double solid fence was raised on the upper parts of the walls on the courtyard of the white cells in Koridalos prison, so that the horizon is invisible again for the alleged members of the "17th of November" guerilla group. They refused to allow the condition of the special wing of the prison to deteriorate and they were forced back to their cells.
At 18/9 they decided to proceed to the utter way of protesting: they would go on a hunger strike, following one another, every Saturday. Since the court refused to call the trial "political", they only demand that they should be treated as any other prisoner of the penal code -as they were tried- and stop being confined in those grey tombs with restrictions of communication even with their attorneys.
The condition of some of the political prisoners is really serious and there are many protests against the special conditions of confinment but the greek state is still playing deaf.

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