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Anunci :: criminalització i repressió
Prisoners Of Conscience Run
25 set 2004
The third annual run supporting Prisoners Of Conscience takes place Saturday October 2nd, 2004.
FootPrints For Peace - October Announcements

The Prisoner Of Conscience Run was inaugurated in 2002 in honor of Ekik Johnson and Patrick Liteky who were both incarcerated that year for civil disobedience at the SOAW and the Y12 complex in Oak Ridge respectively. The run grew into support for all prisoners of conscience regardless of the action.

It is an annual one day event that takes place the first Saturday in October.

Opening ceremony will be at 8Am at Masterson Station Park which is adjacent to the Lexington Federal Medical Correctional Institution.

Peace Hostel Lexington will be hosting the Peacemakers who want to come the evening before and stay overnight to avoid having to drive to Lexington early Saturday morning. Please contact Peace Hostel Lexington for directions.

Peace Hostel Lexington - peacehqlx ARROBA


Additionally an extra work camp at the Great Smoky Mountains Peace Pagoda is planned for October 15th - 17th. Anyone interested in helping finish up the work on the cistern project is more than welcome. Please contact the Nipponzna Myohoji Atlanta Dojo for further information at atlantadojo ARROBA

Information and directions for The Great Smoky Mountains Peace Pagoda may be found at:


The results of the July-August event, the Nuclear Free Future Run, may be viewed at:
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