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Notícies :: xarxa i llibertat : especulació i okupació
18 set 2004
Connect Conference in Barcelona - December 2004

1. What?

The Plug'n'Politix in Barcelona will be a meeting of individuals & collectives who take part in squatted open access points. Some of the possible activities could be

Note: We recommend to propose topics on the wiki, to know what people are interested in and what preparation's are needed!!!!

2. Where?

In Barcelona (Catalonia,Spain), mainly in the Santa Catalina neighborhood located in the historical centre. Actual MeetingPlaces have to be confirmed yet.

3. Why?

Because we feel the desire to meet people who run projects similar to ours, to share experiences, practices and ideas, and because we want to meet each other in the physical world and not just in cyberspace.

4. Who?

The meeting has been proposed by some individuals involved in the CyberForat project. Preparation of it is intended to be collective and horizontal. Everybody who is part of any project related to informatix & squatting is invited.

5. When?

The meeting will be held on December 3rd, 4th, and 5th, 2004.

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Re: ConnectConferenceBcn2004
18 set 2004
auf Katalan bitte!
per q no te ofereixes a traduir?
25 set 2004
posiblement la gent q ho organitza no es catalana. crec q si algu s'ofereix ho aceptarien d molt bona gana. com veus jo tinc masssa faltes.

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