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Notícies :: @rtivisme
BEYONDTV Festival seeks Video Activist films
13 set 2004
see below
BEYONDTV 5th Video Activist Documentary Festival

November 19th-20th 2004 in Britain

Don't drink from the mainstream!


to the 5th BEyONdTV annual video activist documentary festival, hosted by Undercurrents, an award winning multi-media charity.
BEyONdTV screens the latest documentaries, community video and animations from the world's most radical producers which are overlooked by mainstream broadcasters.

What's showing?

This year's festival will include amongst others:
Surplus: Terrorised into being Consumers
Consumer confidence has been low since September 11. A successful war against Iraq was supposed to be the only way to restore that confidence - and our happiness. But is shopping our salvation? Do we have a choice?
First prize at the 2003 IDFA-Amsterdam Silver Wolf Competition.
Granny goes to Palestine
A grandmother from Swansea goes to the Middle East to protest against the Israeli wall which is splitting up Palestine families.
Life Before Death
Is the West disconnected from Death? An exploration of what happens when people face a terminal illness.
Tibetan Stories
How two film makers supported remote Tibetan people telling their own stories (part of a presentation on Participatory Video).
Presentation by the Swansea stars of Channel 4's "Wife Swap" program.
The festival will open with a concert by top political band Seize the Day (Winners of the BBC3 world music award and then banned)
followed by visuals and music from top VJ's.

How do I get my film into the BEYONDTV festival?
Do you have a short film, documentary or animation concerning environmental campaigning or social change?
To submit YOUR video into the festival line-up, contact us with details of your entry.
Guidelines on

Send your tapes to:
Undercurrents BEyONdTV 2004
Old Telephone Exchange,
Pier Street,
Swansea SA1 1RY.
Wales, UK

This work is in the public domain

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