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Notícies :: criminalització i repressió
03 set 2004
Vassilis geargatos on hunger strike from 8th august
Vassilis Georgatos, who was imprisoned for his cooperation and activism with the 17November, is now being on hunger strike from the 8th of august.
His hunger strike has to do with the horrible conditions of imprisonment.
All the political prisoners and members of the revolutionary group 17November are injailed in metal jails(boxes), 10 meter heigh and 40 meter length, something that doesn´t allow them to move or to see outside. They can only move on a straight live, ahaed and backwards.
They are also not allowed to meet each other in the prison.
That´s why he is fighting for the human fight to meet with the other political prisoners in an open area where they can see the light of the day and they can move normally.

This horrible situation reminds the way Germany tried too kill the members of RAF in stamheim and finally did it.
First they try to weaken their body and their mind until they will not be able to think and move.
The thing about the white cells is supposed to have ended in democratical countries but nothing has stopped.

So, his health is got worse but he claims that he won´t stop fighting until he dies.

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