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Jew Killer
02 set 2004
This is why CNN and the like have
always refused to air the comments of those who live in
those stolen homes, for, like when Frontline aired years
ago, only once, their ungodly darkness of self contempt
through blatant racist bigotry, doesn't make for
daylight copy, especially when repuglicons are expecting
their personal kickback checks through the AIPAC by
victimizing US godly Christians.
(From Google 'groups tab, "

Killing Jews

/ / Although it is not clear who committed the arson
attack, the Israeli government intervened immediately
and tried to depict it as part of a wave of growing
anti-Semitism in France. \ \

I would suspect, only suspect mind you, that the
anti-Semitic crime was committed against the Jewish
community by the Likudniks. Why? Because there has
been a very long line on recent crimes against Jews,
framed to be committed by "Arabs", but only soon later
left to discover by following the crimes scene leads,
another ugly ungodly fascist, pirating the mantle of the
Jewish conviction of victimhood. (Israel has to kill
Jews like Sharon got caught personally trying in Mexico,
otherwise, people might start asking questions about the
wonders of Creation) Why should the Likudniks, proven
criminal by the facts of our history, jump in
politically so swiftly without caution, to attempt
dividing the people with weak minded racist bigotry,
against billions of Muslims, Christians, atheists, and
others including most especially the Jews, with such
ill-conceived confidence? This is all just speculation,
for I know practically nothing of the crimes scene, nor
where the officers involved have gotten so far. All the
best to them getting those enemies of the Jews, like the
Jew killer, Ariel Sharon. Sharon, who would openly
confess as much as stealing the homes and shooting the
children of the godly as innocent, including US as the
Christians, all to reap the financial rewards from evil
doing, good for nothing, repuglicons. See?, so called
"Jews" that support the murderous crimes of sharon,
support even worse crimes they say they are outraged
against. Against all the Jewish teachings that I'm
familiar with. Imagine: Your living in Russia, Mexico,
or France, as perhaps a Jewish Scholar, and the
Likudniks knock on your door and say, "come to Israel
and steal some one's honest earned home and property,
and we will send them to a concentration camp to become
disgruntled, and America, the great liberator, will give
you a big fat welfare check along with guns to shoot
people with... what do you say? I mean, as a [liar]
Jew?" Where the hell is G-d of life and this Universe in
that evil stupidity? This is why CNN and the like have
always refused to air the comments of those who live in
those stolen homes, for, like when Frontline aired years
ago, only once, their ungodly darkness of self contempt
through blatant racist bigotry, doesn't make for
daylight copy, especially when repuglicons are expecting
their personal kickback checks through the AIPAC by
victimizing US godly Christians. Like the American tax
payer backed Likudniks did to the middle eastern person,
who spoke so little french in that gruesome Gibson flick
about America refusing to defend itself from those who
continue to steal our life's blood. Listen: Jesus...
rise up and defend this world we share together won't
You help living some? Or, would you rather die a
tormented slave by evil bushite tyranny who will just as
soon, rob your granny? You decide, or, decide not, you
will still have made a choice in this matter by refusing
to act so accordingly.

I ain't foolin', can't you tell?

King of the Jews,

Johnny Wizard


/ / Police actions like these are but a symptom of a
society that is sadly misinformed and misled by a
government/media controlled by powerful corporate
interests. We NEED the law enforcement people on the
side of the people, so please do not diss all cops
becuase of the actions of a few hot-headed red-necked
gestapo wannabes! \ \


Meet An American War Criminal

/ / Before assuming command of the Third Infantry
Division, Blount was the program manager for the Saudi
National Guard. [...] \ \

It should also be noted his faithful wife, spends her
days, phoning wives of other potential bush bitch nazi
whores, encouraging them to support the war crimes of
her husband, by not mentioning the treason that
foreigner Saudi blount has dedicated the sacrifice of
American soldiers for. I kid you not. A wahhabist
commanding American GIs to die under as traitors, is a
disgrace marring the now officially tainted freedom
fighter uniform.

Better than I ever did,

Johnny Wizard


/ / To secure Sadr's agreement, the interim government
has offered both the Mahdi Army fighters and Sadr
himself a full amnesty, [...] \ \

Don't believe this amnesty for a second. Muqtada was
defending Iraq against inhuman godless savages that have
freely confessed to targeting the innocent with cluster
dud land mines, while laughing with those bush has
termed legally un-accountable from order to chaos, or to
Man from machine. Like those who have raped and
tortured innocent women and children, who still walk
un-accosted in Iraq hidden behind an easily spotted
American uniform, who are corporately broadcasted as
deadicated bushite to voice freely, four more years!, so
to further rob America's own grand parents left back
home undefended as cowards. I HATE bushite. This
meaningless amnesty granted to defenders of Liberty is a
ploy from Allawi: that in return, Iraqis don't hunt him
down and rightly kill him for the murders he has already
completely confessed to instigating., all done for the
financial gains STOLEN from Iraq by the nation-less "tax
exempt" bushite war profiteers. The New York Times has
reported mattis, buford, russell, along with several
others, were given an estimated two billion dollars
American for creating instability, to do with as they
wished, no questions asked. No questions asked from
surviving American Patriot soldiers, who's now dead poor
brothers and sisters, were commanded into a war zone as
the bad guys with lies, deceit and betrayal. Fuk, we do
want US true blue Patriots riled, for we'd all hunt to
arrest or kill bushite by the score to finally bring
some real Justice to this world, along with freedom and
the heavenly joy that is our worthy lives as truly
relevant national news material. CBC and CNN corporate
celebs know, cause I told them so, (even phoned many at
home) un-arrested Lt. General Ahmad, funded the
mastermind 9/11 ring leader Mohamad Atta. But we watch
in horror as they just childishly refuse to inform US on
the true nature of the demon anti-Christ's crime-ridden
lackluster performances. Too embarrassing demon bush is
as heinous traitor God betrayer. So, they, the
corporate "Journalists", would leave You too dying
sacrificed in silence, like our soldiers left untreated
who eat plutonium, while only told by CBC News Sunday
(that absolutely refuses to state any scientific
conclusions that are reached conclusively) to instead
quote, some say it's nothing to get yourself killing
criminal bushite over, some say it is.. The enemy
lifeless corporate bushites can't let US know enough of
the facts to decide, otherwise, the jig would be up.
Bush, rumsfeld, condi and others like Myers would be
immediately arrested awaiting trial, or dead, and I'd be
a guest... maybe on a Letterman special, or something
truly grand like Saturday Night Live to be made a
mockery of. For Christ sake, I am the media! Scary yes,
but funny as all hell.

How many soldiers and civilians alike will suffer before
the enemy bushites represented by corporate news control
are made to take are places out here in our real dying

'cause I'm,

Johnny Wizard


/ / As Israeli spies in Washington steal our secrets,
and feed us lies, our politicians are pigging out at the
trough of AIPAC campaign contributions, raking in cash
while their patrons take in classified documents. When
the American people find out what is going on, God help
the neocons, because they are going to need it. The
arrest and trial of Israel's fifth column in the
Pentagon is going to unleash a lot of anger, because it
is going to make Americans understand the nature and
extent of the treason that entrapped them in Iraq. \ \


The Cradle Of Devastation

/ / We would not want to call the Founding Fathers and
their army of patriots `terrorists,' would we? \ \


/ / Backing the Franklin probe may well be military factions
who have no desire to be fed into the Iranian meatgrinder,
and who not fancy neocon fascist dictatorship. The immediate
goal would be to knock Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Feith, Bolton,
Rice, Abrams and their cheering section in the media and
think-tanks onto the defensive. \ \

Wow! I am so great that you have no equal like the rest
of us do. Er.. don't. Ahhh whatever.. alls the same.
Tally hoe Christian soldier!


Give It Up

/ / "At some point, I am sure we will pull back if the
foreign fighters are confirmed and turned over to us,
the heavy weapons are turned over to the Iraqi army and
then we get them. It is event driven," he said. \ \

This is truly dumb evil. Typical of mattis, the trying
enemy American GI killer, who before told US, he ordered
bush whore nazi soldiers to target more than forty five
innocent members of families at a wedding party because,
he couldn't comprehend why Iraqis live with the desert
throughout the middle east. Only when "mattis", (who
apparently sees himself the only official negotiating to
not stop ever war criminalizer,) is convinced heavy
weapons are ALL turned over, and ALL the foreign
fighters too, will he then pause sending naive enemy
dumfuk teen soldiers out to die continually for nothing
but to reward with the proceeds of his war crimes, the
off shore no-nation tax sheltered corporate backers of
the demon anti-Christ, Our Mr. bush Jr.. Think: ...
What is mattis's ultimate objective by targeting so many
innocent people for murder in Najaf? A losing battle
where Americans soldiers die that who's freedom profits
from? There is no evidence Muqtada, (who as "radical"
calls for democratic representation,) played a role in
the execution of a bushite supporter, who as such,
encouraged Iraqis to further allow un-challenged the
nazi forces to continue stealing all of the nation's
resources while refusing to repair damage done to vital
public services. Continuing to leave the bushites "Free
Iraq" without the criminal arrest of those responsible
for the torturing of the innocent as sadistic godless
facist nazi evil savages. All whilst, the bushite
bombers continue bombing more expensive infrastructure
along with the whomevers to punish some village, town,
city, US as Humanity. If you got up close and personal
to a "unaccountable", "not responsible", "just obeying
war crime orders sir", bushite land mine cluster
bomb dropper, wouldn't you kill it dead for US all too?

Any real man would kill un-arrested war criminal bushite
mattis for targeting innocent Iraqi women and children
to rob from our America, while deservedly getting killed
more GIs, so then.., who's the foreign fighter to
mattis's real World? Himself? You bet. The US, or
just me personally, is coming to kill the un-arrested
enemy mattis, along with buford blount and steven
russell as the true anti-Iraqi traitors to our
liberating Human causes. I, the Son of Man, HATE the
evil a bushite liar professes as enemies of our
Humanity, and, am more than happy destroying, in so
being, ridding this world of such heinous criminality
committed sacrilegiously in America's name dishonored.

'cause I'm,

Johnny Wizard


/ / Among the draft audit's findings were that payrolls
in Iraqi ministries under the control of the Coalition
Provisional Authority were padded with thousands of
ghost employees. \ \



/ / The Likudniks like to pretend that they represent
American Jewry, but they do not. And they like to
suggest that objecting to their policies is tantamount
to anti-Semitism, which is sort of like suggesting that
if you don't like Chile's former dictator Pinochet, you
are bigotted against Latinos. \ \


/ / In that sense, O'Reilly's reporting has been an act
of sabotage that threatens the nation. It is O'Reilly
who is preventing us from getting to the real killers.
It is O'Reilly who is aiding terrorism and threatening
our survival.

But that's O'Reilly's goal as a fascist--strengthen
the repressive state apparatus and disarm working people
politically. This from the self-appointed working class
spokesman who claims to be looking out for the folks. \ \


/ / Before Sadr's supporters began their uprising, they
made their demands for elections and an end to
occupation through sermons, peaceful protests and
newspaper articles. US forces responded by shutting
down their newspapers, firing on their demonstrations
and bombing their neighborhoods. \ \


/ / "Most amazing of all," writes Parenti, "the OMB
report showed that not a single cent of US tax money had
been spent on Iraqi healthcare, water treatment or
sanitation projects - though $9 million was dithered
away on administrative costs of the now defunct
Coalition Provisional Authority. \ \


/ / The verb "migrated" is unfortunate. It implies
something natural or instinctive that birds do. But
some human beings made the decisions to engage in these
abusive practices, and higher ups let such practices go
on. \ \



/ / The order to shoot the demonstrators, I believe,
came from senior government officials, including
intelligence communities within the military and the
U.S. government. \ \


/ / But the Pentagon was not able to explain just how
Halliburton gained possession of Iraqi funds when
neither the United States Congress nor the Iraqi
government authorized their transfer to Halliburton in
the first place. \ \


/ / The team's sole purpose was to close as many
subcontracts as possible, under the mistaken assumption
that everything that was closed prior to the arrival of
the government audit team would be exempt from further
scrutiny. [...]

The final touch of irony: Halliburton housed the Tiger
Team at the five-star Kempinski Hotel in Kuwait, paying
each of them a whopping $10,000 per month for their
troubles. \ \


/ / In particular, war planners at the Joint Chiefs of
Staff did not expect a widespread anti-U.S. insurgency
or the breakdown of civil order in postwar Iraq, so they
did not plan or provide resources for the operation of a
large American-run prison system, commissioners said. \ \

Evil wicked lies. The deaths of American soldiers were
brought upon America deliberately by tommy franks and
rotton rumsfeld when dis-guarding the State Department's
ORHA plan, all so, tommy could get killed American GIs
to loot the Iraqi Central Bank of billions for his
private war mongering banker friends. Die bushite die!

Richard Perle "Iraqis are freer today and we are safer.
Relax and enjoy it."


A Bush "Ask the President," Stump "show" Annotated and Analyzed

/ / Now, we enter the gratuitous phase of meeting the
``regular'' folk that Bush pretends are not pre-screened
ahead of time. It is the same tired routine at each of
these stops. Pro-Bush, small business owners are on
stage with Bush while he pretends to have a ``give and
take'' with them. \ \


Get a grip, Hugh!


/ / This week the American Free Press dropped a ``dirty
bomb'' on the Pentagon by reporting that eight out of 20
men who served in one unit in the 2003 U.S. military
offensive in Iraq now have malignancies. That means
that 40 percent of the soldiers in that unit have
developed malignancies in just 16 months. \ \


The People Will Judge George Bush

/ / Every day that the war and occupation in Iraq
continue, Iraqi civilians are killed, injured, denied
civil liberties, jailed, abused and tortured by the
occupation forces while their basic services and economy
are deteriorating. Meanwhile, our sons and daughters
are being killed and maimed. \ \


/ / Sergio was going to issue a statement criticizing
the killing by US soldiers of the Reuters cameraman
Mazen Dana as he filmed an incident outside Abu Ghraib
prison. \ \

Annan knows that the bushites refused to warn the UN
that they were made privy to the war crime before it
happened according to Chalabi. But Annan, as usual,
refuses to stand as a man representing our victimized
human species, or his so called friend. With a friend
like Anan, you don't need an enemy, for he'll watch you
robbed or murdered, and speak nothing for our lost
loves. Where is the world's outcry for the evil
anti-Christ disciples dropping cluster dud land mines
throughout residential districts? The raping and
torture of women and children by the bushite savages
deemed by the actual enemy of GOD anti-Christ demon
George W. Bush Jr. as, lawlessly "unaccountable"?
Where is Annan's outrage over the billions, like
humanitarian aid STOLEN from all Iraq by the bushite
enemies of humanity labeled by themselves as pro-Iraqi?
Who wouldn't kill George W. Bush Jr. on sight, for
spreading his lies on Art Bell of criminal propaganda to
sacrifice worthless American soldiers irrationally? A
reminder: the dumfuk bushite soldiers actually die as
traitors taking down the sparse but true, American
Patriot soldiers stuck in the wrong place warring the
innocent without the available time to get a good shot
at bush, rumsfeld, negroponte, buford blount, steven
russell, mattis, bremer, or evil thomas foley.

I am,

Johnny Wizard



/ / "If they killed foreign fighters, why don't they show us
the bodies? If they suspected foreign fighters were here,
why didn't they come to arrest them, instead of using
this huge force?" \ \

/ / The US military said a number of 230 kilogram
(500-pound) bombs had been dropped on "known enemy
locations" near the city. \ \

I hate the evil ungodly bushite like any real man would.


/ / A military police officer reported a medic inserted
an intravenous tube into the corpse of a detainee who
died while being tortured to create evidence that he was
alive at the hospital, Miles said. \ \


/ / Wherever possible, the administration cloaks its
attack on the environment in soothing words like
"healthy forests initiative" and "clear skies
initiative," while delivering the opposite. \ \

/ / "the EPA added reassuring language and deleted words
of caution" after it was urged to do so by the White
House Council on Environmental Quality. \ \

/ / "Much of
the exposure that caused these illnesses, sadly, could
have been avoided if our federal government had
responded to the crisis…with proper concern for the
people exposed." \ \


/ / Protecting the identities of confidential sources is
a journalistic right that should be recognized by the
courts, but only when it protects genuine
whistle-blowers, not when it shields government
wrongdoing. \ \

/ / Just like Johnny would proudly serving for the
innocent as God is my sworn witness and testifier,
killing lawless evil bushite is a true freedom fighter's
pleasure! \ \

/ / While acknowledging that Doe's contract allows the
military to retain him in the event of war, the filing
notes that "Congress has not declared a war in Iraq or
elsewhere", which makes involuntary retentions illegal. \ \

/ / Coincidentally, his remarks followed a protest by a
small group of police officers who were told to move
away from the doorway of John Jay College of Criminal
Justice in Manhattan or risk arrest. \ \


/ / "John the Baptist, who was just a figure from the
Gospels, now comes to life," \ \


/ / Linda Theis told The Washington Post Wednesday, that
there's "insufficient staff" in the government or at
Halliburton to review the numerous bills. \ \



/ / US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld swears
Washington has nothing to do with the arrest warrant
against Muqtada: this is "Iraqi justice" in action.
Wrong. The Iraqi Jurists Association published a
statement on Wednesday saying that the arrest warrant is
"illegal and based on a lie ... [...] \ \


/ / Yet the incident was buried by American brass, who
repudiated their own soldiers - and backed the Iraqi
torturers. \ \


/ / That upon returning to Fort Bragg from Tora Bora,
the same Special Operations troops who had been stood
down from capturing bin Laden, suffered a unusual spree
of murder/suicides, is nothing more than a series of
senseless tragedies. \ \


/ / Also, American TV does not tell you that the Polish
and Sadr had worked out a security agreement and peace
in Najaf, until the American troops came in to "wipe
Sadr and his Medhdi army out", under the command of GW
Bush, Rumsfeld, Negroponte and their puppet, Allawi.
Instead of telling us the truth, our TV [...] \ \


The Ultimate Stupidity
The Attack on Najaf

/ / Oppose the oppressor and support the oppressed.
Imam Ali, Last Will and Testament (39 AH; 661 CE) \ \


/ / As journalists protested, the lieutenant said above
the hubbub: "We are going to open fire on this hotel.
We are going to smash it up. I will kill you all. You
did this all to yourselves." In a threat that did not
immediately appear to have been carried out, he said
four snipers would be positioned on the roof of the
police station to fire at any journalists who left the
hotel. \ \

/ / Scuffling broke out as a hotel employee angrily
remonstrated with the policemen saying "Are you Iraqis?
You are police but you have no right to do this." The
police then drove off, stopping 300 metres down the road
and fired warning shots in the direction of the hotel. \ \


/ / Having stopped the torture, the Oregon soldiers
asked for further orders: What should they do now? The
request was relayed far up the chain of command, and the
answer came back from on high: Go away - and give the
prisoners back to the men who were torturing them. Give
back the weapons, give back the torture tools, stop
helping the prisoners, mind your own business.

And that was it. The American troops, outraged but
obedient, withdrew. The prisoners - the wounded men,
the bleeding children - were bound up again and shoved
back into the stinking pits. Why? It's simple.
Because the Iraqi security goons were doing exactly what
George W. Bush wanted them to do. \ \

/ / Harkin said. "Those of us who served and those of
us who went in the military don't like it when someone
like a Dick Cheney comes out and he wants to be tough.
Yeah, he'll be tough. He'll be tough with somebody
else's blood, somebody else's kids. But not when it was
his turn to go." \ \


/ / Of course, for the average Iraqi or Palestinian, the
assertion that the Bushcons are "on the side" of the
Arab people-as they kill them in the tens of
thousands-is nothing less than absurd. \ \


Don't just show 'em the door, let's get the booty back!


/ / The correspondent for Abu Dhabi TV reported that US
F-16 fighter bombers dropped 1,000-pound high-explosive
bombs on the area. Local eyewitnesses reported enormous
damage to the whole area as a result of the air raids.
Tongues of flame and clouds of thick smoke rose into the
air covering a vast area of the city as a result of the
American attacks. \ \

/ / The fact remains that Bush hasn't a damn thing to
run on except the war on terrorism. One week he's
ranting about how much safer we all are, and then a week
later that al Qaeda boogeyman is coming to get us. \ \

Traitor evil lawless bushite enemy, die for us instead
of our good families of innocent men women and children.

/ / Except [bushite] Iraq will execute not only those
convicted of murder but anyone found guilty of either
distributing drugs or the handily catch-all crime of
"endangering national security". \ \

Allawi most definitely qualifies, like so those bushites
who rape torture and steal from Iraq would also for sure
be counted, but how about the general ignorant ungodly
bushite like American censor Art Bell, who support
through intentional deceitful censorship, sacrificing
America's sons and daughters for global lawless criminal
impropriety against Humanity's interest as Iraq's
National Security?, Infinite Justice, and the God from
the books on practically everything? Do the ungodly
evil disciples of the enemy anti-Christ, Hebrew's "666",
George Bush Jrs, think their gonna get away to deceive
true American will power, with their wicked evil lies to
steal life from US as the innocent, and bring suffering
against God as our enemies?, falling our poor dead
bodies without any remediate retribution from ourselves
as God's true to Word believers? I don't think so.

Read carefully:

US warns Iraqis to get out of central Najaf

/ / Colonel Anthony Haslam, commanding officer of the
11th Marine Expeditionary Unit. "There will be no
sanctuary for thugs and criminals in Najaf." \ \

/ / One Pentagon memorandum, for example, asserted that
the president, in his role as commander-in-chief, may
choose to ignore laws, treaties or even the Constitution
itself if they interfered with his ability to prosecute
the war as he saw fit. [...]

[traitor] David Rivkin, Jr., a former Justice Department
lawyer associated with the right-wing Washington Legal
Foundation, charged that the resolution was vague and
amounted to "grandstanding" by the ABA, whose membership
includes some 400,000 attorneys nationwide. [...]

"They have counseled individuals to ignore the law and
offered arguments to minimize their exposure to sanction
or liability for doing so," \ \

/ / In effect, one former top U.S. intelligence community
official told NEWSWEEK, the language in the Goss bill would
enable the president to issue secret findings allowing the
CIA to conduct covert operations inside the United States
without even any notification to Congress. \ \

So it is written, so it shall be done.

Traitor evil lawless bushite enemy, die for us instead
of our good families of innocent men women and children.

True American blood brother, why don't you, get your
guns loaded and kill un-arrested bush and rumsfeld for
9/11 proudly. Then, offer autographs at the
preliminary! Or, die a traitor rightly sacrificed as
enemy, fighting with the lawless godless enemies of
Creation who will ultimately fail to enslave these
Universal values. Trust Yourself, Life'll kill the evil
enemy lawless bushite before we can't help defend
ourselves as Humanity. When the truly evil bushite is
arrested or dies rightly as traitors to all our
Humanity, do not be afraid of our higher intelligence,
but be joyous in ACTUALLY knowing the spirit of the Lord
is great and mighty in You, and to know through Justice,
we shall prevail in our Holy names to a freedom granted
unto Heaven, where even the Atheist dreams of as truly
liberated. Justice for Iraq means we firstly arrest or
shoot to kill the escaping bush and rumsfeld for 9/11,
and for the bushite bomber Allawi, who speaks nothing
for the rape and torture of women and children,
emergency medical treatment nor the demand for safe
drinking water, we arrest for the charge of first degree
murders he publicly has confessed fully responsible for.
Or, we just kill him where he stands as a willful enemy
of peace and our godly commitment to communicate wisely.

Hunt to kill the lawless un-arrested bushite hiding in
our America why don't you God's true to life Patriot?

US atrocity in Najaf

/ / Describing the conduct of the US forces, a Marine
spokesman told the Associated Press on August 11 that
they had ``pretty much just been patrolling and flying
helicopters all over the place, and when we see
something bad, we blow it up.''

Earlier this week, the US military told tens of
thousands of Najaf residents their homes were a
``military zone'' and ordered them to evacuate. [...]

Against the attempts of the Democrats and the media to
drown out the mass opposition to the crimes being
committed in the name of the American people, the demand
must be raised for the immediate withdrawal of all US
and allied forces, the payment of reparations for the
immense suffering inflicted on the Iraqi people, and the
prosecution of the organizers, planners and propagators
of the invasion of Iraq for war crimes. \ \


/ / I mean, the United States two days ago
bragged that 300 were killed in one night or two. Of
course, it leads one to ask, how does the United States
know they were all terrorists? \ \


/ / Planes bombed a district of the city associated with
Shia gunmen, but the city's hospital director said many
of the casualties were women and children.

However, most of the victims reported by the Iraqi
health ministry in this city of about 400,000 were
apparently caught in the air strikes, security sources
told Reuters news agency. \ \


/ / Reese, a staunch conservative and formerly a
columnist with the Orlando Sentinel, writes, ``It's no
wonder the president avoids press conferences like the
plague. Take away his cue cards and he can barely talk. \ \


/ / The fact is, John is being persecuted by the Bush
regime for his courage in reporting the "Bush-Nazi
story" in the New Hampshire Gazette last fall and then
taking Bush on earlier this year based on the ugly truth
about 9/11. We the people of the 9/11 and
anti-war/anti-corporatism movements can not sit by and
watch this happen. We must all help John in any way we
can -- NOW. \ \


/ / But this time their attacks are more vicious, their
lies cut deep and are directed not just at John Kerry,
but at me and each of his crewmates as well. This
hate-filled ad asserts that I was not under fire; it
questions my words and Navy records. This smear
campaign has been launched by people without decency,
people who don't understand the bond of those who serve
in combat. \ \

/ / Kostunica had to know these promises to save
Yugoslavia were false. Donors Conferences may promise
some credits, but they are always followed by the theft
of the industrial wealth of the target country. This is
clearly explained in the SPS statement, 'We Accuse:
Washington's Aid Promises Are A Traitorous Lie!'
<..\docs\fools.htm> (3) \ \

/ / The last time ChoicePoint sold voter files to our
government it was to help Governor Jeb Bush locate and
purge felons on Florida voter rolls. Turns out
ChoicePoint's felons were merely Democrats guilty only
of V.W.B., Voting While Black. That little 'error' cost
Al Gore the White House. \ \


/ / To recap: The Bush administration issues a string
of suspiciously timed terror warnings. It finally gets
called out after raising the threat level without being
fully honest about why it is doing so. Then, in
defending itself from charges of politicizing the
alerts, it commits the biggest bonehead move in the
fight against al Qaeda since allowing bin Laden to cut
through the Khyber Pass.

Until they make some high-level personnel changes, maybe
it's time for the Dept. of Homeland Security to stop
trying to help out so much. \ \

This "mole" was there since when again? And let US
guess, he is un-willing to have a public court case, or
speak to a criminal lawyer about his God given rights to
bitch? Where are the Humans in America when you need
US? In a fix such as this predicament dictates I would
suggest a call to bushite pusher Art Bell the traitor
immediately. You know, the bushite that supports
sacrificing America's sons and daughters to steal the
human rights of all our humanity with their intentional
lies to silently except on Your behalf, US PUBLIC, that
evidence no longer WILL be a requirement to convince YOU
who is truly criminal. [, or evil thug backed through
corporately advertised God pronouncements excepting of
blind servitude for furthering bushite tyranny against
OUR interests.] Wrong bushite wrong.

Love ya.

/ / Anyone who tunes in to the cable news channels these
days would hardly realize our Commander-in-Chief is
presiding over a new campaign of aerial terror against
the Iraqi people in the holy city of Najaf. In his
nightly prayers, George W. Bush should remember those
prosecuting Scott Peterson's murder trial, which is
wall-to-wall fare on television this week. \ \


/ / The sentry radioed his battalion headquarters to
report the abuse. According to the statements of one
anonymous soldier, the distressed sentry threatened to
begin shooting the torturers if something wasn't done. \ \

Now, somebody's waking up.

/ / The June 29 episode was first reported on August 8
by the Oregonian newspaper, which published an extensive
account based largely on testimonials from Guardsmen who
were directly involved. The US soldiers, who had acted
out of revulsion over the treatment of the prisoners and
an instinctive impulse of human decency, were bewildered
and angered by the order from above to hand the
prisoners back to those who were savagely abusing them. \ \


Police State USA
by Rep. Ron Paul

/ / Freedom is not defined by safety. Freedom is
defined by the ability of citizens to live without
government interference. Government cannot create a
world without risks, nor would we really wish to live in
such a fictional place. Only a totalitarian society
would even claim absolute safety as a worthy ideal,
because it would require total state control over its
citizens' lives. \ \

With the words scribed by Ron Paul gives me new hope
that the America I remember hasn't been completely
forgotten. Kidding. Corporately mindful of Ron Paul's
candor, CNN and CBC would claim opinionated on where
civilized Humanity stands on the freedom issues. All so
to remove financial responsibility of investing in
investigation, they would, if they could, forbid such
principled, high priority goal setting on behalf of our
outside interests. Freedom is irrelevant when
leveraging "The People", as TV broadcast to be now
impossibly ignorant for richly reaping the maximum
monetary gains through their dwindling trance of
fabulous news cult celebrity status. Happy happy, joy
joy, bushite bushite, die die die die. How can CNN's
Hemmmer, or CBC's Mansbridge publicly claim they haven't
heard of bush's General Ahmad, along with the top secret
bush, condi, rumsfeld 9/9 war crimes plan after we
phoned, e-mailed, and faxed there over and over like
that since first learning of the still breaking news?
[fluorosis is a potentially fatal medical condition
caused by consuming fluoride] Who's side are those that
offer no International news worthy story on the rape,
torture, and murder of innocent People in this new
starving bushworld? Only maybe your brother or sister
they'll cheaply broadcast falling truly dead as
unworthy. So, go ahead soldier, you too die for traitor
bush by not standing up for yourself, your family, or
country, or, decide freely to side instead taking
decisive deliberate action to destroy the enemy of
America, that demon liar known the world over as, Our
truly evil, Mr. bush Jr.. By doing so, you'll be
saving the lives and happiness of the Godly as US
innocent. Including of those in America that falsely
comfort believing death only comes knocking expectantly,
and, oh yeah, is a real charmer..

'cause I'm,

Johnny Wizard


/ / Anyone still harboring the illusion that opposition
to the war can be advanced through the election of
Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry is obliged to
give careful consideration to the candidate's
extraordinary statements this week. \ \


/ / NEW YORK (Reuters) - Pentagon auditors have
concluded that Halliburton Co. failed to adequately
account for more than $1.8 billion of work in Iraq and
Kuwait, said a newspaper citing a Pentagon report. \ \


Contracts will be signed, and bushites will die.

This Capt Carrie Batson, what a little nazi fuck eh?
Lying to the dying American soldier, that, evil bush
whore traitors there are sacrificing their pirated lives
to benefit those that rob from their own family back
home as undefended, are the best that America can muster
as sinister self betrayers to our human causes.

No respect for the American flag, nor the Constitution,
while acquiescing to the, oh well, unaddressed rapes and
torture of those evidenced innocent, while PUBLICLY
claiming the rights to steal most everything, as the
official definition of being lawwlessly "pro-Iraqi",
while attacking any or all those demanding fair
representation, or who honorably hold truces. Just
imagine what the bushite's pro-Amerka will be like, if
You don't stand up and shout, "For God sakes, somebody
kill that demon nazi tyrant George Bush Jr. for the
benefit of all our Humanity" I HATE bushite. How about

ENEMY lying fascist nazi whores they are the bushite eh?
Who wouldn't gladly kill a bushite soldier for the love
of their family and country? Ha ha ha.. die bushite
die. Any bushite who supports the sacrifice of their
lives to support the further victimizing of Humanity for
Mr. bush Jr., is the ungodly enemy to all people.
There is no joy greater than killing a mortal enemy of
the innocent, God, of which the bushite is as
purposefully ignorant, weak, slow, and as parasite,
believes dropping bombs on cities, towns and villages,
makes them fearful to all slaves, but godly men to
bushite, I kill them quicker than the time it takes.
Well... We'll just have to wait for the pay-for-view
spectacular. Contracts will be signed, and bushites
will die. Cowards are the bushite, whom target the
innocent women and children of our families with cluster
dud land mines, toxic waste they even feed to
themselves, while allowing without grief the stealing of
humanitarian aid from the desperately poor, all to give
to the board of directors of Halliburton, billionaires
who live in off shore cruise ships on the sea, with
slave servants too, feeding them self serving praises
everyday. Why should they pay taxes the ACTUALLY dying
bushite sputters almost incoherently. That is what a
demon bushite is. A dumfuk. They know now bush and
rumsfeld murdered thousands of Americans in New York
City, then got sacrificed thousands of American soldiers
for nothing but to reap the stolen profits off the loss
of their given as worthless lives. Cowardly refusing to
stand as true Patriots with the principles that the
American flag symbolize: Universal freedom and justice
comprised through Power of the highest order. Holy
Johnny, God's serious business! Who wouldn't kill
un-arrested bushite as the enemy to America, Humanity,
and God speaking frankly? I sure would.

HEY BUSHITE, change your evil ways by learning some
Human skills man, or, we'll hunt you down with the
weapons of our will to win the fight for Liberty against
all mindless unthinking tyranny a bushite professes
publicly as our intention to murder some "unseen"
innocent persons to rob from, hidden now practically
from no one. A bushite who makes a capital allegation,
while providing no evidence, and ignoring what has being
so far, publicly established, Hammurabi recommends you
just immediately publicly openly execute as false
accuser, for everyone to timelessly acknowledge
knowledge, as truth, justice, peace and understanding.
See?, by bush not offering evidence against those
"Arabs", he therefore, (the bushite contends), should
not allow America to follow the crimes leads from the
real murder scene for "themselves". To stupid for my
liking as universally freedom bound, how about you
my friendly stranger significant others?

/ / "We estimate we've killed 300 anti-Iraqi forces in
the past two days of fighting," Capt Carrie Batson, of
the US Marines, said. \ \

You tell me, isn't Carrie the enemy? Bald face Lying to
dying American soldiers that way? Or, is kimmitt and
bremer, along with bush and rumsfeld included in the
total? How can un-arrested child rapists, and self
confessed murdering thieves be the "good guys" to the
traitor bushite?


/ / "Najaf is being subjected to . . . total destruction.
We call on the Islamic world and the civilised world to
save the city." \ \


/ / Adding to its woes,
last week over a hundred lawyers, including seven past
presidents of the American Bar Association and former
FBI Director William Sessions, issued a statement
strongly condemning the legal opinions of government
attorneys holding that torture might be legally
defensible. The lawyers called for an investigation
regarding whether there is a connection between those
legal opinions and the abuses at Abu Graib and
elsewhere. \ \


/ / It's a Mr. Death or something.. he's come about
the "reaping"?,. I don't think we need any at the moment." \ \


/ / "All those who don't do this, we call them
terrorists, criminals and they are against the law.
Therefore, we will take all (necessary) steps," said
government spokesman Gurgis Sada. \ \

So, according to rich corporate news america, bush's
amerka, those bushite enemies that confess freely to
murdering Iraq's innocent children and elderly, while
openly stealing billions with kimmitt, bremer, and
thomas foley, are not a target for retribution solely
because of bush's satanic lawless decrees like 13303?
And, tell US again that the racist nazi bushite
soldiers, (Apartheid's death squad goons) that primarily
target our black brothers, can not ever be arrested or
made dead because bush and rumsfeld say they are their
disciples as enemies of every religion? The anointed
lawless bushite savages intend to take on every fine and
outstanding police officer of the force? Paid for by
the American tax payer? Yeah, but like, what about all
my literate American acquaintances, who like US, hate
such blatant evil lawlessness perpetrated in our names

Instead, how about treating all people equally, to fight
for true freedom with law principled indivisible? Like
with Hammurabi? NO, the evil treasonous bushite says,
otherwise we'd have to arrest or immediately execute
bush and rumsfeld for 9/11, and Allawi for the crimes of
murder, that he publicly swears he's completely
responsible for. Allawi is a true enemy of The People,
and We, as the godly, are for sure coming to "address"
him. You can count on it.

/ / $1.9 billion in contracts for Halliburton and other
American contractors that were supposed to be financed
with money approved by the U.S. have been paid for with
Iraqi money. Why? According to The Washington Post,
the Iraqi funds "were governed by fewer restrictions and
less rigorous oversight."

"American firms charging 10 times as much as
Iraqi firms for construction work." [?] \ \

These bushite war criminals will be hunted down to the
ends of this World by US REAL Patriots, and made to give
back every last cent that was criminally STOLEN in
bush's evil name from the United States Working Class,
and from the victimized Iraqi nation.

A Violation:

/ / ..meaning, the inspector general said, that the CPA
was not able to ensure that the assets "would be
available for the use and benefit of the Iraqi people." \ \

All bushite disciples will have an opportunity to
publicly disavow to their "lawless" legal status, if
they refuse as soullessly committed disciples of the
demon anti-Christ, and they are found guilty for capital
crimes such as murder or the torture of US innocent, we
shall kill them where they foolishly hide behind MY flag
as enemies to God and Humanity. Go and get Your Self a
loyal bushite enemy, for Thee America will stand strong
united against the truely Satanic bushite evil, or, will

TELL EVERYONE: A dime Johnny Wizard is paying for
every bushite tagged and bagged.

Where's the Promised Accountability...

"Watch America. Watch how we deal with this. Watch how
America will do the right thing."


12 former judges join call for probe of torture memos

/ / ''The most senior lawyers in the Department of
Justice, the White House, Department of Defense, and the
vice president's office have sought to justify actions
that violate the most basic rights of all human beings,"
said the group's statement, signed by 130 officials and
lawyers, including former FBI chief William Sessions. \ \


/ /
The story wholly refutes assertions by the White House
and Republicans that it was the intelligence community
to blame. In fact, as the data shows, the White House
deliberately ignored intelligence to mislead America.

Read the full article, with direct links to all source
material, at \ \

See? Art Bell doesn't want America to know though, so
he and his "demon master" can rape torture and murder as
evil enemies to all living things. Imagine: Art Bell
censors his call-ins, while nationally broadcasting he
doesn't. Wicked jumbuck evil if we've ever known it, a
traitor to America's dying soul through and through is
Art Bell's foolish misgivings on who rules these free to
be me airwaves.


The Case Against George W. Bush

/ / On top of the usual massaging of public perception,
they traffic in big lies, indulge in any number of
symptomatic small lies, and, ultimately, have come to
embody dishonesty itself. They are a lie. And people,
finally, have started catching on. \ \


Republicans cheer child rape and torture

/ / Iraq's Child Prisoners A Sunday Herald investigation
has discovered that coalition forces are holding more
than 100 children in jails such as Abu Ghraib.
Witnesses claim that the detainees - some as young as 10
- are also being subjected to rape and torture \ \


/ / ``It is a very sad day for the United States, and
humanity in general, to learn the details of what has
been happening at Guantánamo Bay,'' said Clive Stafford
Smith, founder of Reprieve and a lawyer for many of the
detainees. ``It is torture pure and simple. It is
cruel, and it is pointless. We have known since the
Middle Ages that no useful information can come out of
coerced confessions.'' \ \

Do you believe the "unaccountable" lawless bushite
rapists think their true American freedom fighters? Do
you think the board of directors at Halliburton believe
they're truly doing Humanity a favor by STEALING
humanitarian aid, to pay themselves "uncompetitively"
billions for doing nothing?

I refer you to these exhibits:

/ / <<>;>

The picture of the bushite soldier gleeing in the
horrors of secretly committing rapes and murders in
America's name, is the same illusion when the demon bush
liar spews "his" America is bringing freedom to the
Iraqi oil-rich nation by murdering, raping, and OPENLY
pillaging as the godless evil war mongering anti-Christ. \ \

/ / What did any of them ever do to us? There's a word
for needless killing: it's murder, and that's what Bush
plunged us into. \ \

Or perhaps demon bush has US all convinced bombing and
robbing innocent Godly good people anywhere, is a fight
for his ultimate escape from the fury of America as
empowered? Eh? Destroy the lawless demon anti-Christ
won't you? as a big favor to Yourself and country?


/ / American troops today admitted they routinely gun
down Iraqi civilians - some of whom are entirely

And in an admission that directly contrasts with the
line coming out from the Pentagon's spin doctors
Specialist Corporal Michael Richardson added: "There
was no dilemma when it came to shooting people who were
not in uniform, I just pulled the trigger. \ \

Now, who's gonna kill un-arrested bushite Michael
Richardson for payback? His mother? father? or right
next door neighbor, for bringing such a diseased mind
into this God forsaken world without shame or apology?
Okay, say, your a black man, no, an Iraqi, or better
yet, a Christian, aren't you now gunning, for any and
all bushite vermins before they steal another innocent
life in your stead?

/ / He also wrote that the president, as commander in
chief in the war against terrorism, was not constrained
by ant torture laws. \ \

/ / Given the fact that it was shown that the US
President had launched an extremely grave accusation
based on a sentence found in a paper written by an
American student, who himself refuted the deliberate way
Bush misconstrued it, it's hard to imagine a more
bizarre response than that given by a White House
spokesperson when told about this refutation. \ \


/ / But the officer in charge of the hearing, Col.
Denise Arn, in rejecting that request, made it clear
that she wasn't going to allow the hearing to become a
trial of whether top U.S. officials had encouraged
abuse. \ \


/ / All this information went to the same place: FBI
Headquarters in Washington, DC, and the FBI Washington
Field Office, in Washington DC. Yet, your report claims
that not having a central place where all intelligence
could be gathered as one of the main factors in our
intelligence failure. \ \


/ / Blitzer seemed shocked by this. "Well, how is that
possible in this day and age you don't have a backup?"
Graham's answer was stunning: "Because I'll say
(Florida) Governor (Jeb) Bush and his administration
have stonewalled the efforts to get a paper trail behind
these electronic machines." \ \


/ / Provance, however, did talk to the German TV crew
about the treatment of children at Abu Ghraib. He
alleges that children were sometimes abused in order to
force their parents to give information to coalition
authorities. \ \



/ / Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage
contradicted Rice's claim that the White House had a
strategy before Sept. 11 for military operations
against al Qaeda and the Taliban. \ \

Jesus, I had missed that! Wow! Armitage too, along
with Tenent, and Richard Clarke, none of the three were
made aware, or consulted (!) of the confessed, no
evidence bin Laden-Afghanistan-? WORLD WARS strategy,
existing two days prior to 9/11 as MSNBC informed Us of,
at Condoleezza's office; Presidential plans signed by
the soulless demon himself, Our enemy the world over Mr.
Bush Jr..



There is nothing so in this entire history that more
makes me feel sadness for our great love stolen, than
the American public's silent contempt expressed for the
lives of those innocent People fallen murdered by their
cowardly unjust indecision on foregoing the immediate
arrest or execution of the "escaping" demon bush and
rumsfeld for the crimes of 9/11. Leaving like most
everyone else left pressed to down play the innocent
victims to more than thousands of cluster dud land mines
throughout residential districts, (like the far more
than 25,000 left in Afghanistan to murder women and
children for generations) rich "sexy" rummy's more than
nine thousand missiles and bombs targeting primarily
essential public institutions housing the Iraqi working
class, or the war crimes of randomly targeting more than
50 other large civilian gatherings like shopping markets
with rumsfeld's okayed "guesswork", and so on as
thousands of tons of radio-active depleted uranium,
during those early first four days of bush's war against
God and Humanity in Mesopotamia, never mind the later

pronouncements of the sniper bushites who admit to
targeting only the innocent as children and the elderly,
..but NO, instead we tell ourselves, the evil sadistic
bushite Satanic disciples murdered only less than 50,000
innocent People irrationally actually more than a year
after enemy buford blount's gang of un-American evil
enemies, confessed to murdering completely innocent
defenseless THOUSANDS of women, men, and children in one
single April afternoon in Baghdad. Getting rightly
killed the courage of really not so bright teen bush
bitched new recruits as consequence, culted into the
wrong place at the wrong time by a criminal force that
ungodly lies cheats and steals to rob from all America,
the principles enshrined within the Constitution, and
the rights inherent of every free life standing.


The left broadcasted cowardly American soldier, who
stead fast refuse to stand for God's America today, as
any real Atheist Patriot soldier would, we watch instead
as self betrayers sided with as the ungodly bushite
enemies. Enemies who targeted entire towns or cities of
ourselves for first degree murder. The bushite cancer
is a traitor to the American cause of liberty and
Justice for all. Enemies of God are the bushite
corporate news agenda that refuses US to voice our
truths on evidence being the only requirement to
convince ourselves of something so important as a
freedom stand to die for. Patriots need to demand the
arrest, or rightly shoot dead steven russell, mattis,
kimmitt, bremer, nergroponte, or anyone else who serves
treasonously as loyal enemy bushite slaves, by doing so,
eventually earning respect of this Universe over as true
freedom fighters committed to liberty and justice for
all. Wow!, what a privilege. [Wanna wager who'll
likely be the one to kill bush and rumsfeld if you don't
wise up in time to do it for yourself instead my
friend? Hello?]


/ / "I think they thought we wouldn't shoot kids, But we
showed them we don't care. I did what I had to do. I
don't have a big problem with it" - U.S. Army Pvt.
Nick Boggs \ \

/ / ..commander of the 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry
Regimen, Lt. Col. Steven Russell, "This is to remind
the town that we have teeth and claws and we will use
them.'' \ \

/ / "Soon American soldiers came [after the aerial
rocketing and bombing that killed most people]. One of
them kicked her to see if she was alive, she said. "I
pretended I was dead so he wouldn't kill me,' said
Shihab. \ \

/ / ``He was shouting `Marwan, save me,' and I yelled
back `Try to swim, try to swim,' but he went under again
and that was it. I could hear them [buford blount's
bush bitch soldiers] laughing. \ \


DIE BUSHITE DIE! A hunting we shall go as one for the
army of Justice and Freedom, true love and sweet
understanding. Destined to destroy the unarrested
godless demon bushite disciples. I shall never end
until every bushite war mongering enemy is laid to rest
in their early graves, as a testament to God's great
love held dear in the hearts of every real brave warrior
this entire Universe over. Join the battle to save you
soul! Or don't. DIE BUSHITE DIE!

Surviving true blooded Americans will hunt each bush
mobster down un-mercilessly and kill them rightly,
before they're allowed to walk the streets of God's
America free of our wrath. I'll kill them all myself as
a real patriot soldier of courage only would, determined
to defend freedom to the last enemy bushite spewing.
Spewing to leave the undefended poisoned American tax
victims to dole out a few hundred billion to the
bushite's "humane" corporate war profitizing fraudsters
backed by celebrating rumsfeld's rapists and south
African racists, who overcharge deliriously as the
deemed by bush, lawlessly "unaccountable"., while also
robbing our Humanity further of the simplest of
services, like access to potable drinking water needed
immediately, like in a dire emergency. I DEMAND water
be shipped in today paid for by the private wealths of
the evil bushites remaining hidden in my America,
[armitage especially] to save the innocent life of any
in Iraq from further suffering as our God wounded.
Wouldn't you demand the same in Christ's name? Or,
would you rather die?

Allawi must be tried, and executed in Baghdad for the
mass murders he has accepted full responsibility for as
self confessed enemy of Allah.

Bushites that object, should be tried, then executed
joyously also, publicly for American TV entertainment
purposes in New York City or perhaps Washington, just so
they get our serious TRUE nature of my godly mission
when it comes to fighting to free America from dying US
as their ungodly cowardly innocent victims.

My days are almost entirely committed to hunting down
demon bushite to the ends of this earth, that I love as
never abandoned to be victimized further if I can help
it as Father to Creation. To preserve, protect and
defend the Constitution of the United States, we shall
destroy enemy bushite freely by the score to reap some
rewards. THINK! I ask you again: Who wouldn't kill
the threatening to re-commit lawless bushite nazi savage
rapists and torturers deemed "unaccountable" by bush the
ungodly anti-Christ?. Bushites are enemies of Freedom
and Justice, enemies of life in Nature, enemies of You,
me, God, and everyone else that includes themselves to
act their self destruction, but in my stolen name lying.

/ / - the official panel appointed by the president to
investigate this catastrophic caper decided that finding
out who really did it was unimportant, and devoted no
time to pursuing the matter.

Hello? \ \

/ / This puzzles me, knowing the detailed information I
myself provided to the commission during a three and a
half hour tape-recorded briefing, yet finding only one
footnote (footnote 25) briefly stating insufficient
translation capability within the FBI. \ \

All members of the 9/11 commission will be arrested and
tried for treason. Their failures in intelligently
measuring God's will to hunt them down as traitors will
not be abated ever. We'll hunt them all down as
escaping bushite accomplices with their misgivings and
contempt for our true state of religion and politics in
friendly America.

Johnny Wizard asks again and again: "What real man
wouldn't kill a threatening to re-commit murdering nazi
bushite savage?"

Art Bell burn in Hell

Evil Art Bell "there are allot of conspiratorialists of
course about 9/11, as there probably will be beyond our
life times, you know it's going to be conspiracy
material from now until doomsday probably."

Art Bell figures the truth with not win God's day in
America, at least not while he's broadcasting stupidly
as censoring our random call ins as dumdum evil dumb.
If Art Bell personally never allows America to know
bush's partner in crime, General Ahmad funded Atta,
while openly deceiving Americans so foolishly it shows
Eventually Americans will learn Art Bell censors
American concerns while broadcasting he doesn't, is all
done to protect bushite rapists, and the continuing
defrauding of the American soldier's left already robbed
grand parents. What will then Art Bell truly look like
to ALL of US lying to no one any more? Evil enemy of
American freedom perhaps?, sending sacrificed teen
soldiers out to die for the demon anti-Christ? I rest
my case. Art Bell, the true enemy bushite, is a traitor
to the cause of liberty and Justice for all. Art Bell
shouldn't be censoring our calls like he does as a dumb
LYING evil TRAIITOR! Eh? Hey Art! How about inviting
me publicly on to defend yourself? Thousands of good
people have been murdered irrationally in America's
name, and Johnny is really ticked off about it, let me
tell you all honestly. God is the best there is at just
about everything, it's a handicap I know, but we manage
to live with it by principled reason and righteous
respect for this timeless indivisible universe of
intelligence comprehending. God is quite amazing in
truth to witness, but vulnerable if we fail to stand up
for ourselves committed to freedom for ALL. Be thankful
to know you could give all you could, to bring true
happiness and earned respect to this wise old clunker of
a universe who'll never be lonely with a kook like You
to ponder the imponderable question riddled in the

Hint: The Son of Man commands with respect, I suggest
we support his power base of common cause.


An ordinary guy with a word to say.

What do you think?

Johnny Wizard


/ / Half of his foot had been cut off. He went
away dragging his foot. We were all laughing and
cheering. "Then an 18-wheeler [truck] came speeding
around. We shot at it. One of the guys jumped out. He
was on fire. The driver was dead. Then a Toyota
Corolla came. We killed the driver, the other guy came
out with his hands up. We shot him too. \ \


/ / We need a national call on our national airwaves to
have General Ahmad arrested for being an accessory to
the crimes of mass murder on 9/11.

George W. Bush, Condi, and Rumsfeld, need to be
immediately arrested or executed for near escaping the
crime scenes of 9/11. Warnings came, they, (during
bush's vacation), "TOP SECRETLY" tweaked a, ready to go
planned world war strategy that would start off in
Afghanistan, premised, on not following the crime scene
leads of terrorist offenses that had yet to materialize,
while closing judicial investigations through the lead
up, the follow through, now... they're cooked. The
bushmob didn't want to get arrested those, who in his
name would soon, murder thousands of Americans in New
York City, for that event was saved to put into action
his "top secret" planned invasion. A world war plan
kept secret from those in American government until the
dated documents showed up at MSNBC. Confessed without
choice to MSNBC as "fully implemented" by the White
House, the bushite war crimes plan went underway almost
without hitch. By offering no rational reason that
factually establishes bin Laden's guilt, would GUARANTEE
the invasion of Afghanistan. Again, a planned false
allegation for a terrorist crime that had yet to be
committed. But See?, for, without evidence bush's
america would not be following the crimes scene leads
from the actual real murder scene, and the real culprits
are left to continue un-abated as the un-arrested
enemies of The People in God's trust.

The last thing the demon liar bush secretly wanted, was
to have halted Laden with evidence for the countless
crimes he's left his fingerprints at. For in this
history, we remember, the Taliban ended surrendering
Laden freely without any further answers. BUSH k-n-e-w
BEFORE HAND, if he were to offer any shred of evidence
to the World implicating Laden, the Taliban would
fundamentally fight for Allah like they were going to do
freely under Clinton, and rightly send the suspect away
for trial and sentencing on the commission of crimes
against God in America. But, hell, offering Laden up to
the world stage for a crime he wasn't committed to,
would sure ruin evil bush's war against our freedoms as
justice in this world. For, after following the
evidence, George W. Bush and his partners in crime
would now be behind bars for treason, or publicly
executed after a fair public trial regarding the facts
as they stand uncontended. MSNBC reported that bush had
actually signed the top secret Presidential plans in
their possession to rob and kill God's Great America.
For Bush, Rumsfeld, and Condi, garnered no insight from
"out of the loop" Richard Clarke on the subject of
Laden's terrorist behavior, (last minute not
withstanding) nor conversed the details on waging world
wars on intelligence with Tenet. Nor even,
surprisingly, talked with Armitage. \ \


/ / BUSH STILL, lowered his and his ilk's ability over
the threat as so alleged, then excitedly sacrificed no
less than three times 800, easy. making both claimed
tasks far more difficult[..] \ \


/ / My prayers are with the oppressed, never the
oppressor. My prayers

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