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Nigeria:: Action against african looters
31 ago 2004
I am down with Typhoid fever but am getting a bit better now only that I need small money to pay My Hospital bills.

Please can you help me with small money no matter how little?. I really need your assistance. Please help me .I really need your help to get this bill off me.
I am willing to lose My Life for the sake of others provided our quest is granted by the International Community. Let me tell you,The Us and the UK have wrecked Havoc in Africa. I like saying the truth ,though bitter ,but must be swallowed with its bitterness .

I want to be a bit logical now.The most unbelievable irony is to change reality and make the people believe that two plus two will not make four.<b>Do you know that Nigeria being the sixth richest oil producing country in the world imports refined crude products?. </b>

It is the manipulation of the US that hes led our leaders into such mess. Listen, <b>it is never possible anywhere in the world for someone to contract seasones engineers to repair or build refineries and the refineries got perform or work at the end of it all. </b>

Why do we import Finished Petroleum products into the country?. Let me tell you, I dont want to go into the fraud of the NNPC now.

The ministers and other government officials are having a field day each day in office. The Nigerian Governement initiated the Economic and Finnacial crimes Commission EFCC to combat fraud in Nigeria but it is just a smokescreen attempt to deceive the entire world. It is becuase the officials transfer money everyday from their respectives, that unsuspecting foreigners fall victim of Scam and fraud. It is true. <b>The governors and their deputies are transferring monies from the coffers of the state. </b>

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Re: Nigeria:: Action against african looters
24 set 2004
me interesa saber si conoce losiguiente:
la Corporación Petrolera Nacional de Nigeria (NNPC).
tiene un auditor que es el Dr; Alpha Mustafa, designado el 4 de Marzo de 1999, por el jefe de las furzas armada llamado
Olusegun Obasanjo, con pasaporte A0067053, y firmado porJ akson G.Obaseki, y el presidente, algo ai como Mouki, con sus respectivos sellos
la referencia del documeento es OUR.. REf..362
disculpe por su tiempo y gracia.
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