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Norwegian IMC member shooting film in Tossa De Mar
30 ago 2004
Dear anyone reading this.

I need help to get in contact with filmakers, filmstudents, actors and designers in the souroundings of Barcelona. Please help me
I am a Norwegian member of the IMC and are going to Tossa De Mar in September to make a fiction short-film.
This is a school assignment and is therefore not of news/political value.

I am looking for contacts with local/ semi local filmschools, drama schools, media schools, casting agencies etc etc.

I am also looking for a Spanish-speaking translator and local organiser for this project.

If any of you can help me, either with an address, a telephone number, web page or any other information I would be very happy.

If you yourself wish to help me create this short-film that would be even better.

I hope for your quick respons

Best regards

Frederick Howard
Independet Media Center Norway
Tlf: 400 600 44
Independet Media Center Norway

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Re: Norwegian IMC member shooting film in Tossa De Mar
30 ago 2004
You can try to contact alternativa's team, an independent film festival in Barcelona
Sindicat Terrassa