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protest against toxic burning of heavy arms in Russia
18 ago 2004
protest fax against the highly toxic burning of long-distance rockets in the russian city of Perm
To:     Management of Environmental Protection
Fax:     (3422) 90-10-57

To:     Office of Chief Inspector in Perm
Fax: (3422) 90-12-17

To: Governor of Perm Region
Fax: (3422) 36-09-52
The international code for Russia (probably 007) needs to be added for any fax sent from outside Russia!!


We would like to express our utter concern about the situation with the utilization of solid-propellant rockets within the territory of Perm-city. Their dismantelling and burning process produces dioxine, the slightest concentration of which causes serious diseases to people. The rocket engines will be transported on railway tracks that are dangerously close to inhabited dareas. Through open sources we know that despite there not being an official permit and despite the negative conclusion of a public ecological examination the burning of the rockets is still proceeding on the territory of Perm-city.

We hope that the effort of the general public united in the ecological protest camp âPerm-2004â? for the sake of the solution of the rocket utilization problem on the territory of Perm-city wonât have been useless. The members of the camp set up the following demands:
1. To refuse the program of solid-propellant rocket utilization within the territory of Perm-city.
2. To refuse the burning of any type of solid-propellant rockets during production process on the territory of Perm-city.
3. To create conditions for work of the independent public inspection of the potential utilization object, transportation and storage of the solid-propellant rockets to protect inhabitantsâ interests and to prevent the illegal activity of the ecologically dangerous works.
4. To develop safe technologies of rocket liquidation and utilization within the program of Strategic Arms Limitation (SAL) and with participation of scientists â representatives of the public organizations;
5. To locate the works for rocket utilization in the places removed from the residential areas.

We subscribe to these demands.
We express our solidarity with the actions of ecological protest camp âPerm-2004â?.
We protest against the dispersal of the rallies on the July 16, and on August 10, 2004, and we demand an end to the prosecution of ecological activists.
We call to cut down immediately the program that is dangerous for people's health and life.

Yours sincerely,
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