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The world bury the head in the sand
27 jul 2004
The preparation for US invasion of Iran goes according to plan.
The Iraqi bastard regime is preparing now the public opinion in order of their masters for american and jewish military actions agains Iran, the main enemy of their US masters and the criminal mass murder Sharon. By the words of the puppet regime minister of defence Hazim al Shaalan the Iran is the still "Main enemy of Iraq". Iran is trying to kill our "Democracy" this traitor swine claimed. A dirty puppet dictatorship propagandized by it's masters as democratic led by a minority of corrupt Iraqi criminal vultures to bear down again the shiite mayority while thousands of jewish myrmidons using Iraq as outpost closer to Iran as a base for Israeli intelligence operations. You only have to read the PNCA Protocol written by fascist and jewish US bastards to understand the raid of Afganistan and Iraq as a part of a holy war. This nations have been primary invaded for a strategic encircle of Iran for the final slaughtering of the american main enemy, the Iranian goverment (approved in a plebiscite with 98 percent in 1979 after a revolution agianst the US puppet regime used to embank the russian influence) which kicked out the US puppet Shah Reza Pahlavi. For punishment the US sleaze replied quickly and incited their new hired stooge Saddam Hussein within one year to cancel border treaty and to declare open war in 1980 which finalized in a bestial US proxy war in 1982 till 1988 fully backed and supplied with chemical weapons by US bastards. But today first they have to break clear their myrmidon troops quickly as possible and so it is comprehensible that they use such bestial methods to liquidate the Iraqi resistance close together with their installed murderous Iraqi puppet regime. And even if the fake democrat bastard Kerry, the ideal candidate of Sharon fully supported by the jewish kingmaker lobby, will win the elections this plan will not be stopped as sure as fate. A canting Democrat whose false party on it's idiot's parade in Boston yesterday has cunning removed the corporate logo of Aljazzera, the sign of free media in middle east. Kerry is the same dirty bastard like mass murder Wanker Bush just not so horrific sappy and what a farce much of simple minded Americans are still believe this cur is the redeemer for reputation and honor (clean killing and pillage without sexist torture scandals). This jewish marionette will drive forward all these dirty machinations just in a sneaky way using the unwilling European sheeps for their murderous imperial intentions optimally useable for Israeli myrmidons and their expansion plans of Grand-Israel. In his last declarations this cur will neither abandon from pre-emptive strikes nor withdraw any US myrmidon from Iraq because of national oil interest and he will not end the fake War on Error but as urgent mission he will restore the reputation of this glory raid nation. Needless to say that this snaky wryneck fully supported the armed raids against Afghanistan and Iraq based on dirty lies. This is a murderous nation of assholes and it will be one. The sick imperial dream is not over, not with fasicist Bush Bastard Regime and also not with the jewish stooge Kerry. If the time is ripe they will push the escalation button like before the raid on Iraq and the public opinion will be prepared within one month for the next "glory war of freedom"
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