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Poem to the Israeli Government: "I Have No More Secrets To Tell"
25 jul 2004
The ambiguously free man, Mordecahi Vanunu
Justice justice must you pursue
love him or hate him here still is vanunu
to put a legal system to simple test
does state serve justice best?
or does justice serve state less by law
and more by prejudiced intelligence
fabricated half truths and mistakes
that decide and seal the fate
of a Christian man doomed in a Jewish state

How poignant is this Jewish non Jew
Mordechai Vanunu
and what is exactly a Jewish state?
Is it the determined majority or the plurality of convenience?
Is it ultra exclusive or moderately inclusive?
If a state makes welcome the Jewish French but not the Jewish Dissidents,
could dissidence make one less Jewish?
or just less desireable?
We must remember our history about un desireables:
not only Jews but gypsies and homosexuals
the legion of unwanted immigrants and refugees
the darkness of skin deciding fates
the female sex of a child born into unworthiness.

Justice justice must you pursue
and that must mean justice
even for vanunu
especially for vanunu
and for eighteen years of conscience
to stop the proliferation of nuclear hell
The real secret of the Ashkelon cell:
a bible, defiance, endurance, dreams.

"I have no more secrets to tell" Mordechai Vanunu
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