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2nd Annual Nuclear Free Future Run
13 jul 2004
We run and walk to bring focus not only on the horror of
nuclear weapons but the damage caused to the Earth by the
production not only of these weapons but also by the use of
nuclear energy.
FootPrints For Peace Event Announcements
July-August, 2004

2nd Annual Nuclear Free Future Run

On August 1st starting at 7:30 am at Horseshoe Mound in Portsmouth Ohio a group of runners and walkers from FootPrints For Peace, Peacehq and other local organizations will start by foot towards the Y-12 nuclear research and storage facilities in Oakridge TN arriving on August 6th.

We will run and walk every step in a prayer for Peace carrying the message that "All Life Is Sacred".

We run and walk to bring focus not only on the horror of Nuclear Weapons but the damage caused to the Earth by the production not only of these Weapons but also by the use of Nuclear Energy. The waste by-products have the potential to destroy life. Just recently it was reported by the AP that the Savannah River Site, a 300-square-mile federal weapons complex in South Carolina, has 51 steel tanks holding 37 million gallons of waste, including uranium, cesium and plutonium. Some of these tanks were built in the 50's and leaks have occurred recently! Some of the tanks are within 8 to 10 feet of the water table! This is only one example of many. We need to find a better way without this deadly potential that will get worse unless we make it go away!

We chose Portsmouth Ohio as a start point because Portsmouth is the home of the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant. While the USEC ceased uranium enrichment operations in 2001 at Portsmouth and consolidated operations at the Paducah KY plant a new enrichment facility is being being constructed in the Portsouth area.

The run will finish in Oakridge TN at the Y-12 plant on Hiroshima Day and at the same time that the Interfaith Pilgrimage being lead by the Nipponzan Myohoji, Atlanta Dojo Walking from Atlanta GA. arrives in solidarity. There will be a weekend of peaceful protests at the Y-12 plant being hosted by O.R.E.P.A.

Further information 6th Annual Peace Pilgrimage from Atlanta to Oak Ridge as well as the O.R.E.P.A. gathering can be found at

Portsmouth Ohio is located approximately 100 miles east of Cincinnati Ohio on the Ohio River via US 52.

Horseshoe Mound is located in Mound Park at the northeast corner of Grant Street and Hutchins Street in Portsmouth.

Join with us in this effort. Everyone is welcome. For details please contact us at ffpindy ARROBA

Visit our web site at:

For complete coverage of last months FootPrints For Peace Run For Freedom event visit: or

Jim Toren
Co-founder - FootPrints For Peace
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