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women & lesbian village at no-border of Rivesaltes
13 jul 2004
Women’s and lesbians’ invitation to participate to a non-mix, autonomous village in the No Border camp in Rivesaltes.
Women’s and lesbians’ invitation to participate to a non-mix, autonomous village in the No Border camp in Rivesaltes.

This summer, from August 20th until august 29th, a no border camp will take place to protest against the politics of control and persecution of immigrated populations, and against fortress Europe and for the freedom of movement and settlement. Women and lesbians, coming from various gender mix organizations and non-mix groups are organizing a gender non-mix village. A small group has conceived this project, but we need everyone’s help to fulfill it.

Why this non-mix autonomous village within the framework of No Border ? :
· To consolidate our networks, to meet and exchange our point of views as feminists and lesbians, articulate our analysis of neo-liberalism, of fortress Europe’s imperialism with those concerning patriarchy and the constraints to heterosexuality.
· To exchange our experiences, to learn from our struggles and transmit our modes of action.
· To create a collective dynamic during the camp through the mutualization of our techniques of struggles and of our analysis as women and lesbians, thus increasing our resources.

We’ve started to think about brain storming workshops and practice workshops within our non-mix space. You can contribute by bringing you ideas, analysis, experiences, material and we can spontaneously set up workshops during the camp.
· A meeting space between groups and individuals: modes of organization, political analysis, modes of struggle.
· violence against women and lesbians workshop and strategies of resistance
· Theater of the oppressed workshop, theater of the invisible
· Video projection: non mix spaces and groups of resistance
· Prostitution as exploitation of migrant and lesbien migrants workshop

We have started to think about the practical organization, but we need to coordinate with other women and lesbians to build and make this autonomous non- mix space work.
· Concretely, the non mix village is launched through a collective kitchen, tents that we can all bring and a collective space.
· Bring your cooking material and anything that can contribute to organizational purposes
· You can get informed through email about what you can bring and the group will review all of the material collected and the material yet to be gathered.
· We will set a date for anyone interested in coming in advance to help prepare the camp
· Let us know when you are available and your request for car pooling through email.

Let’s keep in touch through email: marchenonmixte ARROBA

We wrote a text to describe the meaning of this autonomous space which will be attached in the No Border charter.

Meaning of a non-mix village

Borders are established by States, which detain the monopole of the legitimate use of violence, and which organize the control, the domination and the exploitation of individuals.

Unlike those borders which are established in a authoritarian manner, the T.A.Z. aims to temporarily put to life social utopias which try to escape from the violence of heteropatriarkkkapitalist power relations.

Create, participate and exchange rather than consume.
Paying attention to the diversity of voices, experiment rather than obey.

Creating autonomous spaces means giving us the means of escaping the daily oppressions which tire us, setting forth our strengths in a collective analysis, and searching for new modes of struggle.

This work is in the public domain


Re: women & lesbian village at no-border of Rivesaltes
14 jul 2004
i no els farà por que comencin a venir tios disfressats, és que els serà tant temptador! el poble dels seus somnis!
Sindicat Terrassa