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what's not happening in Barcelona.
06 jul 2004
With half the year gone, the UNICEF Forum 2004 project seems not to have accomplished any of it's main goals. (If inspiring the social assemblies to oppose it isn't included)
Residents and Visitors to Barcelona are already turning their attention to what will follow the Forum 2004 project when the council finally pull the plug on the venture which is losing money daily.

Suggested possible uses have included-

A Business Conference centre!

This is the most popular suggestion because-

The Forum looks like a Business Conference centre.

an open air theatre!

This was very popular because some business people previously thought Barcelona needed an open air theatre. Unfortuanately Open air Theatre goers generally bring their own sandwiches and beer.

A place for the Trilateral Commission to meet on a semi-permenant basis. The Trilateral love triangles, and due to negative publicity have difficulty finding places to do their low key no fuss gigs. The bilderbergers could accompany them and live in the hotel complex.

The Council will try and avoid embarassment at great cost from now till the end of September to not close the Forum and let anyone know it's real purpose. (business conference centre)

Don't tell anyone.

(no se vale traducion)

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Re: what's not happening in Barcelona.
06 jul 2004
En català, si us plau!
06 jul 2004
per favor català... q aixo pot ser per a la gent q parla angles i no sap ni català ni catellà.

a tu no te ha pasat q le has portat la contraria a algu simplement per pesat???
espere q no provoqis aixo en la gent... perq jo vull mogollo el català pero... amb tu m'esta escomençant a entrar fobia... :______(
Re: what's not happening in Barcelona.
07 jul 2004
aquest es teu espai
es molt caro.
triangulitzat la teva vida.
mou al món.
se no mou el mon
mou el forum... al mon.
a tibidabo
a eivisa
mes a prop.
(ahir nit va dir en Juan Clos a BTV q
hi ha un triangulo importantissím
universidad - negoci- forum).

crec q es un bilderberger.
Re: what's not happening in Barcelona.
07 jul 2004
en català: "mosca collonera".
en andalús: "tuestacohone"
en castellà: "pedropuñetas"
i en anglès: "pixing out of the wc"

au, salut.