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whtats on in barcelona
02 jul 2004
any resitance that needs some irish fertiliser
Just a quick and informal note, apologises to collective of editors in advance for clogging up newswire. I am an Irish actvist travelling around Europe and have arrived in Barcelona for two days. Beautiful city but just as commercial as Dublin and every other city in Fortress Europe. I am staying in hostel but incredibly boring, clogged up with american students travelling for the summer. Backpacking is just not like what it used to be. Anyway, i was just curious if there is anything happening over the coming days. I tried reading the events list but my spanish is non existent. Maybe there is some actions or something going on that i could pop along to and lend my resistance...if there is perhaps you someone could email me or post up on message board in English. Cheers and Slainte.

Freedom without Socialism is privilege and injustice, Socialism without freedom is slavery and brutality,

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since you don't know spanish or catalan...
02 jul 2004
you can go to boqueria and pose for a pic in the forumaton (action against forum
[03.07.04] 12:00h : 3º FORUMATÓ Mercat de la Boqueria - Ramblas

or give suport to immigrants at plaça catedral
at 16h. there will be something like critical mass

other things that i know that happen you need to know catalan or spanish :)
Re: whtats on in barcelona
03 jul 2004
El pueblo irlandés tiene que recordar ahora que su época como presidente del unió europea ha acabado. Gracias para todo que hacéis hecho.

you need to relax now. You are no longer sharing the European Presidency. Everything is ok.
Re: whtats on in barcelona
03 jul 2004
You could lend your support to the "sin Papales" who one month after closing themselves into the Cathedral of BCN have returned to demand regularisation for all, and are staging a hunger strike today in front of the Cathedral.
they're there at the moment. Go along look supportive. Don't stand there eating shawarmas or burgers it will distract them.
Re: whtats on in barcelona
03 jul 2004
now this is really cool. Next Monday june 12th at espai obert 19h00 assembly to prepare an aquatic demonsration with rafts, and kayaks and aircraft carriers which will leave the beaches of Barcelona destination Forum 2004.
they've a site as well-
and it looks like being one of the most creative actions since the official beginning of Post-Fascism which was the direct result of the coup d'etat organised by the social assemblies on M13, which succeeded the neo-CryptoFascism of Aznaridad which was organised by democracy which succeeded the paleo-Fascism of Franco which was paid for by Opus Dei. You see- spanish history is easy.
Post Fascism has been much more fun than Aznaridad, we've seen the Cathedral occupied, an old police station occupied, and a young bourbon married and all in only about 100 days.

And they're have been no executions.
Re: whtats on in barcelona
03 jul 2004
Or maybe you can phone to the irish government telling him that we speak catalan (more than 6 milions everyday) and we're catalans and not spaniards and ask him why he is against our existense in the EU consitution. We, the catalan people, just claim for our rights and we want to exist in Europe, so, if the catalan lenguage and the catalan people are not reconised in the EU constitution we will vote NO. Not only for this reason but also for lots more.

Independece is socialism
socialism is independence !

Freedom for the Catalan Countries, Now !
Re: whtats on in barcelona
03 jul 2004
ara toca nederlands/netherlands/hol·landa
truca els nederlandiiis.
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