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Campo contra fronteras
24 jun 2004
No border camp en Polonia
New dates for camp in Krynki.
Anti-Border Camp in Poland 15-19 of July.

We've changed the dates from the original because there is a camp happening in Finland and we want the No Borders campaigns to have a certain continuation, not happen at the same time. We are sorry if these changes interfere with anybody's plans.

The camp will take place at the same place it did 3 years ago and last year, in Kundzicze near Krynki on the border with Belarus. The camp will be four days, three nights long from Friday to Monday.

We invite all positive people!

The project will start in Bialystok at the DeCentrum squat. There will be buses to take you to the camp early on 15.07/ The cost (OW) is 6 zl.

The place is very nice, located in a nice place and for sure the people who have been there before are eager to return. The cost for staying at the camp will be 6 zł. for the 4 days.

The Warsaw crew will set up a kitchen so the cost will be 2-3 zł. per meal.


* intergration activities
* workshops: self-defense, fireshow, making T-shirts, antifa meeting, legal advice etc.
* discussion, exchange of opinions and experiences
* outings to interesting places (Kruszyniany )
* anti-border action
* other spontaneous actions
* discos and campfires

If there was anything you felt was missing in the past, try to organize it yourself.
We're waiting for your proposals.
wildeast ARROBA

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