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en - Who we are

independent media center is a network of nodes managed by open
collectives with the goal of revealing reality in a precise, radical and
straight-to-the-point manner. We are driven by love and inspired by the
ongoing work of all those who struggle for a better world, despite the
distortion and disgust that the corporate media can foster distorting the
efforts of those that strive for a freer human being.

the imc ( was initiated by many organizations, media
centers and activists with the purpose of providing a different point of
on the protests surrounding the World Trade Organization (WTO) meeting
in Seattle in 1999. the center was a meeting point where jounalists were
able to find information, photographs, audio and video, all available

at a meeting held at the CSO Espai Obert in December 2000 the decision was
taken to create IMC-Barcelona Indymedia. With the assistance of other IMCs
and many local volunteers, this has been possible.

you are indymedia. on the imc barcelona indymedia web
( you are the anchorperson. we are a news
agency fed by the information submitted by all those who have information to
share. a free uncensored virtual space for information and physical spaces
to work on that task. the indymedia Active code enables anyone on the Web to
publish text, images, audio or video. the generous work of people around
the world , gnu/linux and free open source software make the existence and
constant improvement of this tool possible.

our work has started with the initiatives that from all kinds of
organizations and fields have led to grassroots protests that express social
rejection of neoliberal globalisation
, and specifically the conference that
the World Bank intended to hold in barcelona in June 2001. We have started
with the Movement against Globalisation, and we are part of it.

our dream is a better future, and we are convinced a different world is
possible. we see indymedia as a comunication tool and a revolutionary
in the world of information and the media.

at imc-barcelona indymedia we work online. decisions are taken in assembly
and we do not delegate authority. nobody is the boss. we are free women and
men who want to live in a free world. our contribution is our effort to
foster freedom of information.

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