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globalització neoliberal
Dance out WEF, April 30th 05, 12.00 pm Helvetiaplatz, Berne, Switzerland In the last years, the capitalist globalization was theme only a few weeks in the year. But the ideology of the WEF (and other global capitalists) stamps our lifes everyday. This sort of thinking is, what we have to fight against. For this thinkers, it is normal, to fire people in times of rising benefit, kill people and animals, pollute whole landscapes, destroy atmosphere and seas, just to make more money. Wars have been lead, governments have been weakend systematicly by the economy, what make lifes of poor people more difficult. The important thing for the economy, is that shareholders are satisfied. This way of thinking changes the aim of making confortable lifes for everybody, to the aim of making best life for few. This remembers me « animal farm » from Orwell. There, the pigs become humans, in our case, humans become egocentric, unsocial pigs. We can only change this thinking, when we try to stay as human as possible. Don`t become slaves of the money! Money, and the things you can buy with it, are only a little part of what the life can be! Consumation only fills up a hole created by the pressure of making money. Humans kill their own dreams, relationships, emotions and their creativity, just to keep their jobs. This unhappy people are the engine, that runs the capitalistic system. People feeling caught by the obligations of the capitalist system, they realize, that their lifes were stolen, they feel lost and empty. They eat, drink, smoke, buy more to fill up the hole left by their stolen lifes. For this, they have to work more, what takes the time, they would need, to solve their problems constuctively. Stop beeing only productive machines! Stop beeing consumers, never getting enough. Live your lifes! Be creative, work on what makes you happy, live your dreams! Our lifes become more rich, when we are happy to do, what we do, even when we earn less. We do not need a lot, to live happily, when we recognize, what we really need. The consumation only hides our real wishes and dreams.
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Artista/Proveidor* DANCE OUT WEF.30.04.05.BERN,SWITZERLAND.
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