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22 jun 2006
Creat: 22 jun 2006

Neither inner nor outer borders

"...But the border is not only in Ceuta. The border is no longer a geographic place, a line to separate one country from another. Or rather: it's no longer just a geographical place, but a control device that determines who have rights and who does not, by which price and in which moment..."

For the right to stay, for the internment centers closing, for the regularization without condition of all migrants in europe:

Breaking news: more than 50 arrested in a peaceful action of The Caravan against the new "CIE" + The judge accepts habeas corpus for some arrested of the "CIE" + tje 60 detained people will not be out for today; concentration in front of la verneda the whole day + Italian statement about the detentions + [26jun]Freed the first 5 people arrrested. Still on the concentration in front of the judiciary until the liberation of the rest of the arrested people + The people detained have been freed today with charges and they report mistreat

+info:: >>>immigration + estrecho/madiaq imc + fadaiat + caravan

[27jun]12 h. col.legi de Periodistes (journalist association)Press conference about the June 24 detentions

[26jun]Concentration outside the court until liberation of all detained
[25jun]18h support concentration in front of la Verneda (L2 Bac de Roda).freedom to the 60 people detained!
[24jun]Universitat Sq., 18h. Demonstration: Enough repression to immigration

[Jun 20th-24th]Fadaiat: For the freedom of movement//Freedom of knowledge

[Jun 23th-25th] Barcelona, 2nd European caravan for the freedom of movement

related news: Danger of expulsion to young schoolboys of french "without documents" families ::: For the immigrants right to vote ::: Melilla:SOS Racisme reports the "connivance" between Spain and Morocco in the repression to immigrants ::: Unió d'Argentins de Catalunya's Communique ::: occupation and hunger strike in Dublin's Cathedral [reports in english from ireland imc: 1 + 2]

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